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Quick Guide to Using Leon Brawl Stars Character(For New Players)

Leon Brawl Stars

Are you new to playing Brawl Stars? Do you want to learn how to use Leon? If yes, this quick guide is for you; keep reading!

Who is Leon

Leon is a legendary Brawl Stars characters who is almost difficult to defeat- thanks to his Star Powers and Super. Leon can be unlocked from the brawl boxes, and you can use him in the next battle. 

The Leon Brawl Stars characters has the excellent movement speed that makes him an effective assassin. If his speed and health points don’t allow him to rush into the battles, Leon can quickly reduce the enemy’s life by combating the attacks well. Despite this, he remains a brawler for whom training is necessary to integrate his accuracies totally. 

He moves at 3.2 squares per second which makes him one of the fastest Brawl Star characters. The health of Leon is average. From surpassing the 3200 health point, he can reach the health points of a maximum of 4480 at level 10. However, Leon is the most fragile brawlers in the game and can be easily killed if he goes too far. 

Main Attack of Leon Brawl Stars Character

Leon’s Brawl Star primary attack has four spinner blades to hit the enemies from the short and long range. The closer the enemy, the more chances of the damage through the blade. But more the blades go farther; they eventually lose the damaging abilities. To impose more destruction, just fire the spinner blades that are nearer to you.

Leon’s Star Power

Invisiheal is another Star Power that helps Leon to gain health by using the Super. If Leon has no or less health when he uses the Super, he activates the Super regain the health by 1000 points until he fulfils his full health.

This brawler has a competitive advantage of increased movement speed when he uses the Super. This makes the enemies run away from the dangerous ones quite effortlessly.

Leon’s Super 

Leon’s Super ‘Smoke Bomb’ makes him invisible for 6 seconds. However, you can also only use the Super for dealing with the enemies. If Leon takes the damage or attacks or even collect the items in various games modes, he becomes noticeable for sometimes just for a half-second which is quite enough for the enemy to spot. 

Gadget of Leon Brawl Stars Character

Leon owns a gadget named ‘Clone Projector’. This gadget makes him superior to all the brawlers and creates an illusion of the Leon that helps confuse the enemies. Leon’s gadget will hunt the opponent down but do not own the power to heal or attack. If he gets confronted, he faces double damages and gets defeated, compared to how much damage the actual Leon would have continued. The Clone Projector disappears after being conquered but can get a response if Leon orders another one.

In the end, Leon is one of the best brawlers when it comes to the fastest movement.



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