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პემის გამოყენების საუკეთესო რჩევები Brawl Stars პერსონაჟი

საუკეთესო რჩევები პემის გამოყენების შესახებ

Pam, or most of you might know her as Mama J, is a true mother as her healing abilities heals all her teammates- who wouldn’t want her on their team?

Who is Pam?

Before we move on to the tips and tricks, let’s give you a heads-up on who she really is! Pam is an Epic Brawl Stars Characters who can deal damage in a large area, leaving no doubt about her Epicness! 

Her high health lets her stay in the game till the very end. With the help of her main attack, she can shoot a burst of scrap metals in a dangerous sweeping pattern hitting as many enemies as she can.

Pam Brawl Stars has a pretty impressive Super called Mama’s Kiss, a healing turret that heals her and her friends standing in the area of effect. Her gadget and Star Power further amplify the healing effect and even let her attack using that healing turret. If you have unlocked Pam, it is best to get your hands on her gadgets and Star Powers! 

Tips for Using Pam

I hope that these tips are going to help you a lot with Pam; if you have figured out a new trick about her, don’t forget to tell us in the comments! 

Have fun Brawling! 

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