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Jessie Guide – Strategies, Tips and Matchups

jessie brawl stars

Jessie is a fighter Brawl Star character in the Brawl Star tier list. She can be unlocked after earning 500 trophies. She fires the shock orbs that bounce between her Super deploys and a tiny tower that does a minor but continuous amount of damage. 

The Main Attack of Jessie is a ‘Shock Rifle’ that fires off the energy orb. After getting the target, the orb bounces back at the new or next target in her range, beating up to 3 enemies. The Second Attack of Jessie let her deploys a gun turret that repeatedly shoot at the enemies. The gun turret is 100% made up of the recycled materials.

In this small guide, you will get to know about the tips, strategies and matchups of Jessie. 

Strategies of Jessie

While playing with Jessie, you will see that she is a core Brawl Star character, especially in Gem Grab’s mode. She hits multiple targets, deals with the solid damage and throws a defense turret that will effectively include the player to your team temporarily. When using her Shock Rifle, you can clump the multiple enemies together. The strategy of a Shock Rifle is to hit one enemy and then hit the other enemies. 

Tips for Using the Jessie


Whether you are playing the match of Leon vs Jessie or Piper Vs Jessie, to win against the matchups is to practice. Also, before playing, it is advisable to gain the tips and tricks from the Pro players or read the above to play effectively with Jessie. 


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