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Brawl Stars Items and Best Ways to Use Them (Updated)

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Level 35 Special Offer - One of the best Offers in Brawl Stars

In this guide, I’ll be discussing the best way to unlock new brawlers, upgrade brawlers, and buy from the shop in the quickest and most efficient way possible.


Basic Items in Brawl Stars


Tokens are what is used to gain tiers on Brawl Pass. You can get tokens from playing games, leveling up brawlers, when you level up in Player Experience, and 10 free tokens from every new map. The tokens you need to unlock a tier varies on which tier you are on in Brawl Pass.

Brawl Pass

Brawl Pass is a new way of rewarding players based on their playtime. Tokens you earn from battles will go to brawl Pass to Unlock tiers. There can be a brawl box, big box, mega box, power points, and gems in the Brawl Pass tiers. Brawl Pass can be also bought with 170 gems to unlock more tiers.


Gold is used to upgrade your brawler’s and buy power points from the shop. Obtained easily at the beginning but becomes precious fast. You get gold through the shop and through boxes.


Gems are the premium currency for brawl stars. They are used in the shop to buy everything else in the game. They can only be bought with real money. A few of the things you can buy are skins, power points, new brawlers, mega boxes, and big boxes.

Power Points

Power Points are items that you can use to upgrade brawlers. You will need certain amounts of these to upgrade to the next level.  These drop out of boxes, but you can also buy them in the shop with coins or Gems.

Token Doublers

Token Doublers double your tokens you earn from a battle (quests are not included). This can help you boost your progress since it helps you unlock more tiers faster.

Star Points

Star Points are used to buy boxes and skins. This item is a F2P, meaning that you can not earn it even if you pay. You can earn Star Points when you hit brawlers to rank 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35. Also, these can be earned from end of Power Play seasons. You can only play them if you have a star power for a brawler. The easiest way to earn it is to get a brawler over 550 trophies and depending on how many trophies you have, you will be rewarded Star Points.


There are three main types of boxes in Brawl Stars. Regular Boxes are obtained in a tier, Big Boxes are obtained in tiers or can be bought with gems/star points, and Mega Boxes can be obtained from the shop or as a trophy road reward. A crucial thing to realize about boxes is that one Mega Box has the exact same rewards as 10 regular boxes, but the rewards are more clumped together.

Being Efficient and Progressing Faster

Although it’s hard to go wrong, here are some crucial tips to progress in Brawl Stars faster:

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Buying Gems

Like all Supercell games, Brawl Stars follows a premium style.

The difference is that the deals in the shop are relatively better than their other games, so spending Gems in Brawl Stars, is a quick method to level up.

An interesting thing about purchases in mobile games: only 5% of players make in-app transactions.


Before we start, Brawl Pass is about 8.7x value than what 170 gems supposed to be, and this is the best way to spend the gems. However, if you are more interested in other offers:

For these, we need to establish a couple of conversions.

1 gem = 1 cent, 100 gems = 10 dollars. Yes, you can get a better deal the more you spend, but this makes it easier.

10 Regular Boxes= 1 Mega Box

1000 token doubler = 1 Mega Box

Now, we can calculate the value of certain items in the shop. As a general rule, the best value is Brawl Pass or discounted Token Doublers


Spending carefully will drastically help you progress faster in Brawl Stars. Remember that Brawl Pass is the best value and nothing can beat it. Make sure to look out for discounts and avoid buying boxes. Please leave questions or comments below. Thank You and See you next time!


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