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Is Spike Good in Brawl Stars?

Spike Brawl Stars

Here arrives the king of the desert, our famous legendary brawler: Spike Brawl Stars! He is equally cute and equally deadly, a dangerous combo! Plus, in Brawl Stars Spike throws cactuses on his enemies that explode on contact and fires spikes in all directions, leaving his enemies to suffer high damage.

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Brawl Stars Attacks

Spike’s primary attack is called “Needle Grenade”. In this attack, he throws a cactus that explodes on contact with a target or explodes on reaching its maximum range and then shoots six spikes in all directions. The cactus causes more damage on impact to the opponent than the spikes.

He has a powerful Super called “Stick Around!” here; he throws a large grenade over the wall where the enemies reside. This grenade causes damage to the enemies over time, and their speed movement decreases noticeably.

He uses his incredible gadget called “Popping Pincushion” to shoot 10 needles in every direction per wave. These inflict 520 damage per needle to the enemies! So, beware of this powerful brawler because Spike Brawl Stars is here to get you!

Strengths of Spike

This formidable Brawl Stars characters has a lot of strengths that help him in defeating all his adversaries! His strengths include:

Weaknesses of Spike

As strong as he is, he still has some weaknesses which we have to take care of when using Spike. These weaknesses include:

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How Good is Spike in Game Modes?

Get ready to hear about all the awesomeness that Spike Brawl Stars possess:

Spike’s Super forces the enemies to enter places where his team can fire in one place and defeat all of them. His attack also helps in hitting enemies hiding in bushes or behind walls by aiming correctly.

In Showdown, saving your super and attacking when only Spike and another enemy is left is an ideal strategy. His Super slows the enemy down, making them an easy target!

Your normal attack can also be good in Showdown by attacking enemies hiding in the bushes.

Placing Spike’s Super near the safe can be very useful. It will buy you time and frighten your enemies from trying to get to your safe!

In Bounty, Spike’s Super can slow down enemies. The normal attack can damage more than one enemy, resulting in more enemy destruction and a higher star rate for you!

Spikes Super is quite handy. He can put his Super on enemies ready to goal and slow them down, or put the Super in the goaling lane, slow your enemies and get a clear goal!

Spike can be a very useful asset in your team of brawlers, unlock spike now and witness his prowess on the battlefield against other brawlers!


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