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Is Pam A Good Brawler? – Pam Brawl Stars Characters


The former mama J of our group is now known as Pam and is one of the Brawl Stars Characters with some unique powers. How good of a brawler is Pam Brawl Stars? She displays some cool motherly powers that help her teammates quite a few times. She’s not the best brawler when it comes to the offense, but she’s got some good tricks up her sleeve when you use her in defense.

Pam Brawl Stars is an Epic brawler with the ability to heal her teammates, who are nearby. She also has the advantage of having high health. She owns a gadget ‘pulse modulator’, which heals anyone of her teammates in the immediate area.

Let’s discuss some of her strengths and weaknesses to figure out how good a Brawl Star character is!

Strengths of Pam Brawl Stars

Some of the strengths of Pam that make her stand out among other Brawl Stars characters are:

Her main attack: the Scrapstorm; in the middle of a siege, Pam can shoot nine scrap metal pieces in a spread-out volley that spans out in the area twice. It shows that Pam’s Scrapstorm can hit several enemy brawlers at once.

Her Star Power: Mama’s Hug can heal her teammates every time she shoots her enemies. Each time Pam hits her enemy with a bullet, she heals her teammates nearby who are standing in a 4-mile radius by 48 health at each bullet. If all her bullets hit the enemy brawlers, then her teammates get healed by 432 health in total. Pam is one of the best Brawl Stars Brawler when it comes to healing her teammates.

Another star power of Pam: Mama’s Squeeze is a powerful tool to have in handy. This permits Pam’s turret to damage 800 per second if the enemy is standing within the healing station’s radius. This turret includes damage to other enemy turrets as well as spawnables.

Weaknesses of PamPam Brawl Stars

Pam may be able to heal herself and her teammates, but she isn’t the best when it comes to one-on-one fighting with her enemy.

Pam doesn’t rank top in the Brawl Stars Tier List when it comes to offense. She is better suited as a defensive player in siege games. She can heal teammates and provide excellent cover fire. In a siege, her healing turret is more effective if it is well-placed, it heals her and her teammates, and they control the playing field and earn more bolts.

Pam’s main attack, the Scrapstorm, is somewhat weak. In a siege, she can throw out a bunch of metal scraps and take out more than one enemy, but if you use it on one enemy, the chances of hitting the enemy soldier from a distance are weak. So, if you want to destroy one enemy brawler, then get as close as you can and fire because when all of Pam’s bullets hit one target, they can cause a lot of damage to the enemy, leaving them with very low HP.

Final thoughts on Pam Brawl Stars

After analyzing Pam’s character, we know that she is a powerful asset when you are in the middle of a siege. 

Her ability to heal teammates makes her an important part of the team, so what are you waiting for? Unlock her now and win your next siege game!


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