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Is Emz Good in Brawl Stars?

Emz Brawl Stars

Our fashionista hair-spraying common zombie Brawler Emz Brawl Stars is here to take the show on the road and show her enemies what she’s made of! 

Her Attacks

Amazing Gadget

Every girl gets to friendzone people, and our hair-stylist zombie Brawler Emz’s got a gadget called “Friendzoner”, made to keep her enemies at bay and teach them a lesson for getting too close. Using her gadget, Emz produces a wave that drives all her enemies in a radius of 2.67 tiles away from her and deals 500 damage, rendering her enemies destroyed. 

Strengths of Emz

Our dapper Brawler has some significant strengths because of her powers which include:

Weaknesses of Emz

Even though Emz’s strengths are greater, she still has a few weaknesses:

How Good Is Emz?

Emz is an exceptional Brawler who can easily keep her enemies away and drives them crazy from a distance by destroying them with her powers!

Her primary attack has the ability to linger, so she can perform guerilla tactics, where she sprays her hair spray and runs for cover successively.

Emz’s Super can penetrate walls, so Emz can damage her enemies behind walls without them being able to cause any damage to her.

Her primary attack is fast enough to reload before the previous shot’s lingering effects can disappear, so Emz can simultaneously cause damage to her enemies.

Now unlock Emz after collecting 8000 trophies in the trophy road and use her as your stylish and deadly Brawler!


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