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The Best Brawl Stars Characters: Is Crow Good?

Crow Brawl Stars

Consider yourself lucky if you have one of the best Brawl Stars characters, Crow. He is famous for firing a trio of poisoned daggers. He leaps as a super move and fires draggers on the landing and jumps both. In this short guide, we will be discovering more about Crow Brawl Stars as he is the second legendary in the game. We’ll see what his best characteristics are and where he may need some improvements. 

One of the Best Brawl Stars Characters: Who is Crow?

Crow in Brawl Stars is a legendary brawler who can poison his opponents with his draggers’ help, but the health of this Brawl Stars characters are low. He attacks his enemies by firing the 3 long-range daggers that impose poison on his enemies, decreasing the healing they receive and deals the damage over time. Crow’s super power lets him jump and land while radially throwing daggers around him upon landing and taking off.


Gadgets of Crow Brawl Stars

Crow’s first gadget is called a defense booster which shortly contributes to his damage-reducing shield. The second extra gadget is a slowing toxin that slows down all the poisoned enemies for some seconds. 

There are two types of gadgets that Crow uses in the game:

This Crow’s gadget gets him to shield for 60% future damage for 3.0 seconds. 

This super gadget allows Crow to slow down the currently poisoned enemies for 2.5 seconds. 

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Crow Brawl Stars Star Powers

Crow has two star powers:

  1. Carrion Crow

Crow deals with the 120+ damage with his super targets and attack with 50% or less health. 

  1. Extra Toxic 

With this superpower, Crow wears down the enemy’s strength who deals with 20% less damage while poisoned. 

Crow Brawl Stars Strengths

 Weaknesses of Crow

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Crow’s overall rating is 6.5/10. By the rating, he definitely needs a buff. The Brawl Stars players choose other characters over him because of more health, and they can dish out more damage. 

At this moment, Crow is weak, but, in some cases, he is so good. Like super gamers focusing on Crow’s strength, this character is unique and still a formidable enemy.

If you need to read more about the character Crow, you can get a whole guide on Crow by clicking here.



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