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Is Brawl Stars Banned In India?

The trend of banning software and apps is not new. Several apps have faced bans in various countries from time to time. The reasons have varied but the primary aim behind banning an app is to save users from data theft.



Chinese Apps In Warm Water

The recent clash between India and China resulted in the Indian government imposing a ban on 59 Chinese apps during June last year. The list includes big guns like Tik Tok and PUBG Mobile. However, it is likely that  47 more apps will soon be added to this list. The bad news for Brawl Stars fans is that the game is also a part of the list.

Reason Behind The Ban

As a result of the clash with the Chinese, the Indian government doubts that the Chinese app manufacturers are a threat to national security and user privacy.

The US government imposed a similar ban on several Chinese apps last year. Therefore, the Indian government’s stance seems understandable.

But Why Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars Stickers - Sandy

Why is Brawl Stars a part of this list? Isn’t Brawl Stars presented by Supercell which is a Finnish company based in Helsinki? Then why will the Indian government ban it?

Brawl Stars is a part of this list because Tencent Holdings, the Chinese technology conglomerate that owns PUBG Mobile, purchased Supercell back in 2016 by taking an 81.4% stake in the company. As a result, Supercell has also become a Chinese company.

All Supercell Titles Will Take The Hit

If the Indian government bans Supercell, all titles from the company will

become unavailable to players. Therefore, the number of players affected by this ban is likely to be in millions.

Will Brawl Stars PC Also Be Banned?

Brawl Stars PC is just an indirectly accessed version of the mobile game. So, a ban on the mobile version of the game will automatically make the PC version unavailable to players. 

No Such Ban Has Yet Been Imposed - El Primo

For now, the Indian government has not banned Brawl Stars. Therefore, players from India are free to download the game from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

But till when? No one knows this for sure. However, for now, players are at the liberty of enjoying these games for free.

Final Verdict

The ban on Brawl Stars will be a big disappointment for millions of fans because the game currently provides a source of great entertainment for players located around the globe and that too for free.


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