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Is Bibi Good in Brawl Stars?

Bibi Brawl Stars

Beware as the baseball master arrives in the form of our very own epic Brawler: Bibi! 

Her bat swinging abilities can render her enemies dazed with a high amount of damage that is difficult to recover.

Her Attacks

She uses her baseball bat to attack her enemies. Her primary attack is called three strikes that she uses on her enemies by swinging her baseball bat at them, causing major damage.

As her Super “Spitball”, she releases an enormous long-ranged bubble that pierces her opponents and bounces off walls.

Her Star Power, batting stance shields her from getting damaged by about 30%. This shield stays active until Bibi attacks her enemy in return.

Strengths of Bibi

Bibi has many different advantages where she can regain her full strength and cause her enemies some serious damage.

Weaknesses of Bibi

As many as her strengths are, Bibi Brawl Stars still has a few weaknesses, which include:

How Good Is Bibi?

Bibi is an awesome Brawler when it comes to defending herself from close-ranged Brawlers. Due to her amazing home run bar, she reaps all the benefits of being one of the powerful Brawlers. 

Bibi’s Super is quite useful when it comes to enemies in tightly packed places or near bushes. Her Super has the power to revibrate off walls, which helps it to cover a lot of ground with her wide range attack and defeat enemies swiftly.

When Bibi gets challenged opposite Frank, it’s effortless for her to win because her home run bar comes in handy again, and she pushes back on Frank’s normal hammer attack.

Bibi’s Star Powers increase her movement speed, leading her to be more efficient in many game modes such as Gem Grab, Heist, and Bounty. With her increased speed, she is able to make a swift escape from nearby enemies, or it’s easy for her to ambush them suddenly!

Usefulness in Game Modes

She is an amazing Brawl Stars characters who is in the top ranks in the  3v3 Tier List. Her abilities in the game modes are:

Brawlstars Brawler Bibi is an outstanding Brawler with a lot of different tricks up her sleeve that assist her in defeating her enemies. 

So, what’s the wait? Unlock Bibi now in the 3v3 game mode and take your enemies by surprise!


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