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How to Win in Brawl Stars Using Bushes?

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It doesn’t matter what mode you are playing, what map you are on, or what brawler you choose. One thing constant in any Brawl Stars game is the bushes!

The bush is merely a tool, another factor you can use to your advantage or demise. Today I’ll explain some basic concepts of the bush, what to do with them and how to bring out their full potential.

Bush is a player-passable terrain scattered throughout every map and that is why it is important to understand how to use them. The basic mechanic is that brawlers hidden in the bush are not visible to brawlers outside of the bush unless they leave it or other actions like attacking or taking damage to apply. While in the bush, you only gain vision of a small area around you in the bush, any other brawlers could still be hidden in other corners of the bush.

Tip 1: Scouting

As a result, it is very dangerous to go into the bushes blindly. You may accidentally run face-first into Shelly’s shotgun or El Primo’s punches. If you are unaware of your opponent’s position, it is a wise idea to “scout” bushes before entering them. Simply use one ammo to check if anyone is hiding in the bush. You will briefly gain vision and also charge your Super if there was someone waiting in ambush. If not, you can confirm the bush is enemy-free and safe to enter. For bigger patches of bush just like in Outlaw Camp, you may need to use two ammo to scout a bigger area. It’s better to waste a little ammo to confirm your safety than blindly running to your death.

Tip 2: Hiding

This leads to the other common usage of the bush, hiding. In maps like Terracotta Square, you can use the bush to sneak around the sides and ambush your enemy. You might also duck into a patch of bush to wait for your health to regen without sitting out in the open. In open maps like Shooting Star, short-range brawlers are naturally at a disadvantage against long-range brawlers as there is no cover to protect them from getting close. However, by using the bushes to hide, you can attempt to stall and wait for the right moment to charge in. It’s much harder to hit a target you can’t see than a target out in plain sight.

Tip 3: Destroying Bush

Brawlers like Dynamike or Shelly’s Super are able to destroy large patches of bush. Doing so has several advantages. It forces enemies out of cover and into the open. With less bush to hand because of that, it’s much easier to predict enemy movement.

Tip 4: Unpredictable Movement.

When running away and you go into the bush, enemies will lose vision of you. You can use this to your advantage to quickly change direction and buy more time for your escape and/or health regen to kick in. It works better for large piles of the bush where there is greater flexibility in the directions you can head in, which will increase your chances of running. You can even use your supers from the bush like Piper or Crow’s to escape.

Tip 5: Predicting

Common sense. If you don’t see the enemy on your screen, either they are elsewhere hiding in the bush. Just because you don’t see an enemy doesn’t mean you are allowed to play safe. However, this does open up some opportunities. If you don’t see the enemy chances are they might be unable to see you either (unless you are way out in the open) and you can take this opportunity to hide in a bush. Another example of using the information gathered from bush scouting is if you are standing in a chokepoint (ex. far-right in Terracotta) and you don’t see any enemies, chances are they are on the other side, and you can use this opportunity to sneak around and ambush them from behind.

The play-making potential of the bush is an important concept to master. Not all of the ways you can use bush are covered here, as most will be learned through experience and skill. Some of the best players out there and Youtubers are able to cleverly use the bush to stay safe and stay aggressive, and even normal Brawlers can learn as well. With that, I thank you for your time, and wish you luck out there in the Wild West! Happy Brawling, and happy holidays as well!

Submitted by: Josh Aronson



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