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Brawl Stars Game Mode: How To Win Every Showdown Mode Matchup?


Showdown mode is the most unique Brawl Stars game mode. It differs from all the other Brawl Stars game modes because they all are team-based and Showdown is a free-for-all.

Likewise, there is a completely different set of strategies, tips, and tricks for Showdown that are unique to this mode. In this guide, we will be covering some of these tips, tricks, and strategies so anyone can become amazing at Showdown. Its basically up to you to win the match, and so you can do this in various ways. Either by teaming up or destroying teamers or playing passive. Most of the times teaming helps you but just don’t get too close to your teamer, you never know especially Shelly who can never be trusted.

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Gain Large Amounts of Trophies

Showdown mode is the only game mode that if you are good, you are practically guaranteed to gain trophies; all the others heavily depend on your teammates. Therefore, if one of your events is a Showdown, play it with the Brawlers you most want to rank up in trophies. Even if you have maxed out the coins for the event, still play it because trophies are worth it.

Also, play the best brawlers for every map or you are going to be in a massive disadvantage or at least use brawlers that are good overall like Leon or Colt so that any matchup is gonna be decently managed most of the times. If you see a lot of teamers, don’t try to kill them. Instead, always try to team up and not getting close. Teaming is a viable strategy but just team up for surviving and not killing them by betraying.

Use the Right Brawlers and Methods

You have to use the right Brawlers in the right ways to be successful in Showdown. Here is a breakdown of each Brawler and its utility and methods in Showdown:


Shelly is good in all Showdown maps but Dark Passage. Considering she is a trophy road brawler this is pretty good.

The way to use her effectively is to camp out in bushes and ambush attackers at point-blank range. The only exception to this is with El Primo and Bull, where you should kite them from a safe distance. And they get near and super to their face. Always be careful with Mortis as he can three swipe and super you away, so ensure you have your super while duoing him.


Colt is decent in all Showdown maps but excels in decently bushed maps. The way to win is to immediately fire along with the bushes on both sides of you when you start; one or two good shots and you can kill some lower-health brawlers instantly.

In the other maps, you just have to find straight lanes and trap people in those lanes, and DO NOT camp in the bushes as Colt’s strengths lie in attacking from range, not point-blank. Always keep moving, and place your attack in front of Brawlers so you will hit them as they move.


Dynamike is one of the better Brawlers in Showdown, being a good all-around if you can use him correctly. He is versatile and a big bonus he has is that he can attack from behind walls.

He is very good at Skull Creek because they have so many walls to hide behind, and not many other brawlers can attack over walls. You just have to remember to cast the bombs ahead of the person so they will walk into it and take maximum damage.


Nita is a reasonable Brawler for her rarity in Showdown; she can take out some low health Brawlers pretty easily and her attack is hard to miss. You have to hide in bushes and ambush low health Brawlers or keep a safe distance and kite high health Brawlers.

She is as strong in the maps with lots of walls. Her waves actually slightly go through walls, so play peek a boo!

El Primo

El Primo is decent in this mode because of his insane health and attack. Since his range is terrible though, the best strategy would be to hide in bushes and ambush people that come by.

In maps with few bushes and lots of walls, you should land a few punches on people and then run away and heal, slowly charging your super, and then use it and attack an unsuspecting Brawler. With this, you can beat Brawlers with more Power-Ups than you.


Brock is quite good in some maps and not good in others; he has certain overwhelming strengths and other weaknesses. You always have to be careful with him, as his low health leaves him vulnerable from a quick death by Bull or El Primo.

In the maps with lots of walls he is not as good, because his attack does not break walls; your best bet there is to chip at people and load your super then wreck low health Brawlers with it. In the open maps, Brock excels, and you just have to fire accurately and prioritize targets appropriately.


Barley is not the best at Showdown because of his low direct damage and low health but is still viable in some situations. Only use him in the maps that have lots of walls, as he will be much harder to reach in those maps.

Like many other Brawlers, his attack must be placed ahead of the Brawler it is targeting so the bottle can get maximum damage. Make sure not to destroy the Power-Up boxes from a distance and let other Brawlers have it for free.


Bull is very good in Showdown in bushy maps, with his high health and direct damage. His best bet is to hide in bushes and ambush, because of his insane damage at point-blank range.

Be careful of ranged Brawlers kiting you, they will eventually kill you unless you have your Super up. Do not use your Super when the gas closes in as it will probably catapult you into the poison gas.


Jessie is quite good in Showdown if you utilize her attack and Super correctly. Scrappy should always be placed in the bushes so it will surprise people.

Jessie’s attack should be used on a Power-Up box or two and a Brawler. This will damage the boxes and the Brawler because of Jessie’s attack mechanic.


Ricochet excels in maps with lots of walls, but also in the open maps. Overall, a solid competitor in Showdown despite his low health.

You have to accurately aim and shoot to get maximum value for your shots; sometimes you just have to guess and shoot if your target is off the screen. Be careful with high damage Brawlers.


Poco is extremely easy to use but is bad in this mode, and his attack almost never misses; if he gets some Power-Ups he will demolish low health Brawlers. You just have to be wary of wasting your attacks.

Your goal is to get value from your attacks, maybe hitting multiple boxes and a Brawler. This will quickly win your matches and get your Poco rising up the ranks.


Bo is one of the best in Showdown, due to his damage and health mix and his agility. His Super can be used to take out Power-Up Boxes and Brawlers if placed well.

You have to use him to kite short and medium-range Brawlers and snipe multiple boxes at once. Place his Super near a cluster of boxes to get serious value out of it.


Piper just wasn’t made for Showdown. Her attack is tough to land on these maps with so many walls, but she could still be viable as her Super is extremely handy. But she’s great in passage probably the best.

Keep your distance from everyone to provide maximum damage for your shots, and use your Super to elude danger it times of need.


Pam is good in Showdown but it’s hard to use effectively. As her accuracy is low, the best thing to do with her is to hide in bushes and ambush low and medium health Brawlers, while kiting high health Brawlers and chipping at them so they cannot heal.

Her Super (healing turret) should be planted in an area shielded by walls and/or in a bush so it stays alive. Be careful as Brawlers will try to exploit the turret and fire at it so they can clip you as well, so maybe only duck into that radius when you need it.


Tara is amazing in some maps because of her piercing cards and good in all the other maps. If you get close, all 3 of her cards can hit one person, dealing with insane damage per attack.

You should ambush low health Brawlers and two-shot them from close range, and kite higher health Brawlers. When using her attack and Super, take advantage of her area damage and catch multiple enemies at once (for example, when two Brawlers are having a 1 on 1).


Mortis excels in Skull Creek and is decent in all the other maps. His amazing mobility and Super can get him out of a tough situation quickly.

In Skull Creek, the boxes are grouped, so attack multiple boxes at once and use the boxes themselves for protection; do not be afraid to use your attacks to dash away in time of need. In the other maps, the best way to win is to be constantly moving and chipping at people and getting value off of your Super.

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Spike is another Brawler that can shoot over walls. Take advantage of this and his area splash attack to snipe multiple targets at once.

Your main goal with Spike is to keep safe distance and chip at people, then catch them with your Super and wreck them. In treasure hunt, a valuable place to cast attacks and Super is in the middle of that circle of Power-Up boxes, as this will load your Super quickly and the Super will get insane value.


Crow is super versatile especially because of his insanely good super. His low damage should be used to chip brawlers and eventually kill them.

He does have an incredibly fast move speed and high range, so use that to your advantage and load up his Super. The Super can be used to fly out of dangerous situations.


Mr. P’s attack is unique in that it bounces after hitting a wall or brawler. If you throw attacks at walls, you can hit enemies behind them, like a Thrower. This only works with one tile thick walls. If you hit a brawler, the attack can hit them again if they stood still or are running away from you, effectively doubling your damage per hit against fleeing targets.

Mr. P’s first Star Power, Handle With Care, makes his suitcases bounce even if they do not hit an enemy or obstacle, making him more threatening in open areas and increasing his range.


Leon can deal an incredible amount of damage if he hits all of the blades in his attack at short range. Utilize walls and bushes to get as close as possible to enemy Brawlers and unleash a quick and deadly strike that has the potential to defeat all but the toughest of Brawlers.

In Showdown mode, Leon has two options for play styles, one is a Roamer and the other is a Third Party. Roamers (like Crow, Darryl, etc.) walk around the map searching for potential targets and pick off one by one. Third Parties (like Mortis, Crow) search for two people who are already engaged in combat and wait (preferably in a nearby bush) till one of the two is killed. Leon then finishes off the winning brawler and collects both power cube batches.


Usually, most Brawlers are fast enough to be able to dodge Bea’s shots. However, upon hitting a Brawler with her Super, it is possible to auto-aim them down very quickly without aiming manually, as the Brawler is slowed down and unable to move fast enough to dodge her shots.

Don’t be afraid to get a little close to short-range brawlers when you have you have your super, you can melt them.


Max’s Super can be used to catch up to fleeing enemy Brawlers, or ensure an easier escape from pursuing enemies. You can easily dodge any sniper or throwers attack which means you can get close to their face and destroy them. You can easily waste your shots especially because of her fast movement, for making that up you have the 4th ammo slot, auto-aiming is going to be in vain.


When Carl’s pickaxe hits an obstacle, it bounces off and returns, letting Carl throw it again faster. You can utilize this mechanic by pushing enemy Brawlers near a wall. Because his pickaxe will return faster after it hits the wall, Carl can do large amounts of damage very quickly this way. You can also use this to quickly break boxes that are near walls in Showdown.

Tailspin makes Carl one of the fastest brawlers in the game. Use this to escape (better with Protective Pirouette as it lets him survive more shots) or to reach low health enemies.


Rosa thrives in Showdown, and when using her Super can rush shotgun brawlers like Bull, she can retrieve lost power cubes in the poison clouds. She is also an excellent bush camper when her Star Power is unlocked. With her Star Power is unlocked, She can hide in bushes when she is healing and when an enemy comes by, she can attack her enemy.

Although it is a fact that she is a fantastic choice for this mode, Rosa could be easily beaten by almost all long-range brawlers. Keep in mind that once you reach higher trophy levels, juking, hiding and retreating is common in Showdown.


Sandy’s attack’s wide range and piercing ability makes it very effective against grouped brawlers. This is the case against teamers. But she is not the best when it comes to a showdown. She can sneak into low health brawlers or third party weak brawlers using her super and her star power rude sands. Beware of Darryl and Mortis with super, they can easily destroy you, so always be ready with your super with either of your supers, so that Mortis can 4 shot you and you can kill him before that.


If Emz is chasing you, don’t run away from her. Instead, get close to her to kill her because the more time you stay in her gas, the more damage you’ll suffer, if you are close to her you will take less damage. When using her Super try to damage enemies behind walls so that you can damage them while them not being able to damage you.

Emz can deal better damage in mid-long range so don’t approach brawlers to a short-range where they would have an advantage over you


Extra Life is best used in Solo Showdown because it is a much bigger advantage to have a second chance than the turret having a longer range because of the lack of teammates. Due to 8-BIT’s slow movement speed, dodging bullets from sharpshooters like Colt or Rico will be difficult. Thus, sniping from a bush with cover is recommended as the enemies will not be able to hit you as easily.


Tick’s head can inflict splash damage that can also destroy bushes and walls. His head can easily be destroyed, so use it against enemies low on health to force them to attack and stop them from recovering or an enemy who has used up all his ammo, or a brawler very close to you.

He is very good as a control brawler. Throw his mines where the enemy will go instead of trying to do damage to them. This forces them back because if they step on all 3 of your mines from all 3 of your minimines they will take a huge amount of damage.


Using Gene’s Super and good timing, you might just escape from great danger. For example if a close-range brawler or shotgunner such as Shelly or Primo ambushes you, you can quickly drag a bystander to you and the brawler chasing you will accidentally attack the dragged brawler while you slip away. However, this is hard to master and must be done quickly or you can die before you can even activate your Super.

In Duo SD, Gene can be deadly when paired up with a close-ranged brawler like Bull, as you can pull someone in and let your teammate finish them off easily.

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Be Cautious of Power-Up Boxes

Be careful of the Power-Up boxes. There will often be someone hiding in a bush near a Power-Up box so be careful when you think there is a free one for you to get. Especially in Feast or Famine, it’s not always a good idea to rush in the middle and grab the boxes.

A good way to get a feel for the maps and when to rush in is to Bot Brawl. This is severely underrated but it provides valuable practice in a non-stressful setting, as some bots (Bot 3) are actually quite good!

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Shoot Into Bushes as a Ranged Brawler

If you are a ranged Brawler, fire a shot into every bush as you pass by it. This forces any Brawlers hiding in the bush (most likely low-range ones) to come out, and then you can kite them from a safe distance.

The worst thing to find is to be playing a Jessie and walk into a bush to hide, and you find an El Primo who promptly takes you out. This prevents that from happening and gives you much higher chances of winning.

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Be Wary of the Showdown Mode Matchmaking!

If you have just won a Showdown or come in second with a certain Brawler, do not use that Brawler again immediately after. It is reasonably certain to me that, after many days of data collection, the matchmaking system is made this way.

Sometimes when you win twice in a row you might ridicule me and say this is false, but think about how much control the matchmaking system has over your success. For example, if you just won with El Primo, they can put you next to a Ricochet and a Colt in your next battle, and you will almost certainly lose because your Super is not loaded at the beginning.

Even worse, they could have put you with all ranged Brawlers, and you would have had a 99% chance of losing.

This concludes my guide for Showdown. I hope this helps you do well in Showdown and gain a TON of trophies from it!

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