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How To Win All Brawl Stars 3v3 Modes – Beginners Guide

How To Win All Brawl Stars 3V3 Modes Guide For Beginners 

No matter if you are a newbie or pro, you always have this wish to win all the stars in the Brawl Stars. However, the only difference is pro players of the Brawl Stars know the tips and tricks from the game while the newbies lack in this area. The Brawl Star 3v3 tier list has the best brawlers like Colt, Jessie, Nita, Crow, and many others. The List always goes on. 

As a beginner, you also urge to win more trophies to unlock more characters from the Brawl tier list. So if you are a new player or beginner in the game, you must see these tips and tricks to make sure you win all the stars in the game.

Let’s Begin!!

Maximize the Brawlers

If you want to max out all the brawlers at the rank 20, which means 500 trophies every week, then no need to fret, as this is not so hard to achieve. The fastest way to take all your brawlers to the 500 trophies or 20 ranks, play with the friends or clubs such as Bounty, Gem Grab, Heist, and Brawl Ball.

Brawl Stars Gem Grab to the Rescue

Quickly win all the stars of the Brawl Stars Tier List, play the Gem Grab! You’ll need 15 seconds and 10 gems countdown with your 10 gems to win the Brawl Stars game in this game mode. But remember, the Gem Grab’s main purpose is not only to pick up the gems to win; it’s to maintain and create the map’s center where the gems spawn. 

Let the One Player Play the Role of Gem Carrier!

We’ve discussed the Gem carrier, but who is Gem Carrier? The Gem Carrier is the brawler who controls the map’s middles and is entrusted to pick up the gems and not die with them safely. The best brawlers of the Brawl Star tier list are below:

Learn More About the Brawl Stars Game Modes Guides!

Many Brawl Stars players are superb in their games nowadays. They usually share the tips and whole guidelines on the platform of the Brawl Star. You can learn from them if you are a new player. You can look for guidance in areas like which mood is best to play, which brawlers are best for the different moods and how to get trophies fast.


The 3v3 modes are the easiest methods for the players to earn the maximum trophies. The players don’t have to play the Randoms in the showdown mode, as it would be hard for them to push as many trophies as they do in the 3v3 mode with all the teams going around. 

In all the 3v3 challenges, one thing is constant: all the players want to win all the brawl stars, so it’s important to have mutual understanding with your playing mates. 

Tell us what tips and tricks you are following while playing the game and what you will follow in the future!


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