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How to Use the Emz Brawl Stars Character? 

Emz Brawl Stars

Emz Brawl Stars, the hair-spraying fashionista diva is on the loose again! 

This time we are looking at all the ways in which we can use Emz to our advantage. Let’s look at all her attacks, powers, and gadgets, then discuss the best strategies and tips to use Emz in the best possible way!

Her Incredible Powers

Main Attack: Her main attack, spray them in the face! It works like a charm and pierces multiple enemies while dealing quite a lot of damage. 

Super: Her Super, the caustic charisma, is a cloud of toxicity she forms around herself and slows every enemy brawler down who comes close to her while also deals a bit of damage.

Bad karma, well you’ll get some if you don’t learn the lesson. The enemies who remain in Emz’s cloud of toxicity sustain 25% damage with her star power! Her second star power hypes her up and helps her regain her health.

Blessed Gadgets

Isn’t she blessed? She gets a gadget that’s called friendzoner! I need one to keep unwanted enemies at bay! With this powerful gadget, Emz generates a wave that pushes all her enemies away from her and deals 500 damage. WOW!

Best Strategies for Emz!

Equipped with some amazing powers and gadgets, Emz can be a really powerful and deadly foe for her opponents. To use her efficiently in Brawl Stars and destroy other Brawl Stars Characters, the best tactics and strategies for Emz are:

So, what are you waiting for? Unlock this common fashionista zombie brawler by collecting 8000 trophies in trophy road and show the enemy Brawl Stars characters, what you’re made of!


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