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How to Unlock All Brawl Stars Characters Faster?

Unlock Brawl Stars Characters Faster

One of the biggest challenges of this game comes down to unlocking all Brawl Stars characters. It can take a lot of time to unlock your favorite brawler if you don’t play this game properly. Therefore, we have some tips for you to help you unlock any Brawl Stars characters quickly! 

Brawl Stars Characters Trophy Road

All the common brawlers can be obtained as a reward from Trophy Road, and for that, you need trophies! Trophies are a measure of your progress, and they are awarded on the results of each game event you play. Once you win an event, you gain trophies, and if you lose, you will lose trophies as well. 

The more game events you play, the better you will get at them and earn trophies. Trophy pushing is the ultimate way to reach your trophy milestone faster and unlock all the trophy road brawlers. 

Tips for Pushing Trophies FasterBrawl Stars Characters

Brawl Box for Brawl Stars Characters

Any remaining Brawl Stars characters can be obtained from your Brawl Box. Brawl Boxes require a certain number of tokens and gems to unlock them. When you participate in a 3v3 mode, you get tokens as a reward. 

There are different brawl boxes and each comes with unique rewards; big and mega boxes give more rewards and need more gems to unlock. However, you don’t need to get a new brawler from every brawl box. You might end up with duplicate Brawl Stars characters, but there this no need to give up. Keep trying; you might end up getting your favorite brawler!

Closing thoughts for unlocking Brawl Stars characters

No matter how fun and exciting it is to unlock new brawlers, it would be best if you chose them wisely. One brawler can be good for one game mode and absolutely useless for another; for that, you can check out the Brawl Stars tier list. It tells you which player is the weakest or strongest for each game mode. 


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