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How to Play Mortis Brawl Stars Like a Pro

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Have you finally unlocked Mortis Brawl Stars? Lucky You!

Now it’s time to learn all about his powers and strategies!  Mortis is known for his shovel and the cloud of bats that he sends his enemy’s way. In this blog, we will tell you how to master his tips and tricks so that you can play him like a pro. 


Who is Mortis?

Mortis puts his opponents in coffins with his deadly shovel!

Mortis is one of the popular Brawl Stars characters who has really fast speed and swings shovel at his enemies as his attack. He has moderate health and low damage output. Therefore, it is best to learn his strategies to win your game. 

Strategies to use with Mortis Brawl Stars

When in Danger

Mortis’s main attack involves dashing forward, which makes him highly mobile.  So whenever he is in danger, he can quickly attack and dash away to save himself. This trick can make him pretty tricky to land hits on. He has fast assassin level speed that saves him when he is under attack or uses his survival shovel gadget. 

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Mythic | Mortis |

Mortis Brawl Stars – What to Avoid?

Avoid using auto-fire when you are retreating or trying to escape because Mortis can dash directly into the opponent you are trying to escape from! Unfortunately, Mortis has the slowest reload speed out of all the Brawl Stars characters, so always immediately retreat and reload once you have defeated an opponent.

Brawlers he can counter

Mortis performs well against those brawlers who have slow attacks, slow reload speed or throwers. He can quickly dispatch them with his attack. Mortis can also quickly dash those who have slow reload speed before they can finish their unload animation to dodge damage. 

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Mythic | Mortis |

Brawl Ball

While playing Brawl Ball, Mortis can kick the ball and dash a few times to pick it up. You can also use his Super to shoot the ball and dash forward to move the ball down the field rapidly. You can also get your teammates to distract the opponents while fetching the ball and using dash attacks to move quickly.

Mortis Brawl Stars Bounty

His dash attack will grab the blue star from the middle then he can use his quick speed to put pressure on enemies further or run away from them. However, try to avoid this in an open map as it will not give you a place to hide, and you might die. Mortis’s star power Creepy Harvest heals him for a good amount when he defeats an opponent, so it can be used in Bounty to regain your health to survive. 


Mortis Brawl Stars can do good in the showdown by bush camping and staying out of fights by dashing away. Don’t join any fight; wait until it is over, and then dash in to defeat the surviving opponent or steal all the Power cubes and quickly escape.

Other Game Modes

It is best not to use Mortis in other game modes as his low reload speed, and single-target focus makes him a poor choice. 

If you can master these tricks, no one can stop you from winning each game by playing Mortis. His quick movement speed makes him a great ally too. 

Good luck playing Mortis Brawl Stars! 


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