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How to Play Each Brawler and Beat Your Brawlers!

Best Brawlers

Brawl Stars is one of the most enjoyable games; we get to fight brawlers played by players from all over the world and have teammates! But do you know the best attributes of every brawler, or what are their weak points?

The best brawlers on our Brawl Stars Tier List are listed below. Let’s discuss their best strategies and what they should refrain from when facing an adversary.

The Best Brawlers

Some of the best brawlers in our Brawl Stars Tier List and their best fighting strategies and low points are:

Being one of the most potent brawlers, Jessie uses her Super and her faithful turret to defeat her opponents. The best strategy would be to let her Super charge before attacking her enemies to deal maximum damage.

As her health is low, it makes her weak in the face of her enemies, so her worst strategic move would be to face a high health brawler head-on; she should stay at a distance from her enemies and attack them with her powers to inflict maximum damage! 

Pam– the mama J of the brawlers, is a force to be reckoned with in team-based games where the fight is among long-ranged brawlers. Her best strategy is to be used in long-ranged games that will allow her powers to render her adversaries with high damage and allow her to help her teammates regaining their health.

Her worst strategy would be to face a short-ranged brawler one on one because she is a long-ranged brawler and become useless against a short-ranged one

Being a mythic brawler, she uses her mysterious cards to damage her enemies at close range. Her best-attacking strategy is to deal damage to her opponents by ambushing them suddenly from behind bushes or obstacles, rendering them surprised and unable to attack, making it effortless for Tara to defeat them.

Her worst attack strategy would be to face long-ranged brawlers; they can attack her from far away using the advantage of her low health to defeat her, so stay hidden from long-ranged brawlers, and ambush them unaware to win!

The mysterious mythic Mortis Brawl Stars is a deadly brawler who flings brawlers here and there with his mighty shovel and leaves a high amount of damage in his wake. Mortis’ best strategy is to get close to his enemies and use his attacks when maxed.

Mortis Brawl Stars’ worst strategy is to be in the range of long-ranged brawlers because it will put him in danger because he will be unable to counter the long-ranged brawlers. 

As innocent as Spike Brawl Stars looks, he’s far from that; his spikes are a deadly combination for his enemies. His best strategy is to directly hit his adversaries with his spike ball and cause maximum damage.

His worst strategy would be to cross paths with short-ranged brawlers because he has low health, making him an easy target and can be easily defeated.

So, this is our take on the best and the worst strategies of the brawlers; we hope that it will help you in your next battle. Tell us in the comments below, what do you think are the best and worst strategies of the brawlers?

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