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How To Play Brawl Stars On PC

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Our ever-favorite game Brawl Stars now has a PC version! The phone-based game on a high-definition computer is all we need! But how to download and play is the real question.

Here we are discussing the best tips on how to download Brawl Stars on PC and play the game competently.

How to Download Brawl Stars on PC

To play this addicting game on PC, all you need to do is download an emulator and then the game to enjoy the best gaming experience!

What is an Emulator?

An emulator is an application used for running Android software on the computer. The best emulator for playing Android mobile games on your PC is the LDPlayer. The LDPlayer is one of the most lightweight emulators. First launched in 2011, it became the most popular and easy to use emulator worldwide due to its lightweight properties and continuous changes in its system to adapt to all kinds of computers.

There you have it! The best emulator downloaded, now you can install Brawl Stars PC version and enjoy brawlers fighting on a larger, clearer screen!

The Keyboard Setting

Now that you’ve downloaded Brawl Stars on PC, it’s time to control the brawlers! What keys on the keyboard should you use to play the brawlers?

The ‘Space bar’ key is used in Brawl Stars to shoot the regular shots of the brawlers to defeat their enemies. You can use the ‘E’ key to use your Brawler’s super and star powers!

MAC USER? Download Brawl Stars on Mac!

Tips to Play the Brawl Stars PC Version

To efficiently play Brawl Stars on PC, make sure:

  1. Your computer can power up an Android emulator, download effortlessly and run Brawl Stars on PC
  2. You download Brawl Stars and LDPlayer from a reliable source, like Google Play or LD store
  3. Familiarize yourself with the default keymapping before you start the gameplay
  4. If you have difficulty during the download and installation, you can contact LDPlayer through Facebook and get help
  5. You can also lock and unlock the mouse by pressing Ctrl.
  6. With the LDPlayer, you can easily save your phone’s battery and storage
  7. You can use the keyboard and mouse to win the battle!
  8. You have high definition graphics and better quality than a mobile phone.

Happy Brawling!

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