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How to Get Legendary Brawlers?

We all know how difficult it is pull a legendary brawler, and we have seen YouTubers open 100 mega boxes and yet not pulling a legendary. But that’s not always the case. We have seen even newbies getting legendary. So it’s really based upon luck obviously. Thanks to brawl star in-game legendary mechanic that really helps in improving the legendary chances. We will see how this works later in this article, so stick on till the end!

Let’s start from how you could get a legendary in the most effective way. I am writing this guide because I have some experience with this. So I started 5 accounts where my main account was a p2w and the other four were f2p. I did not buy any legendary in my p2w account and I only purchased the mega boxes and spent the gems in the most ineffective way whereas in the f2p account I spent them in a very effective way according which we will go through in this article.

And I got to be honest, I did get more legendaries as a p2w but I got at least 1 legendary in every single account and one of them has 3 legendaries. And another thing I noticed was almost all the brawler power levels were equal, and that is very surprising because I spent around 40$ in that account in less than 3 months whereas in the f2p account I always used to save up my gems.

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This was my first legendary in my f2p accounts from a brawl box.



It is quite hard to control yourself from spending your gems on various items especially your favourite skins. But if you want a legendary you gotta sacrifice something and in this case, it would be your skins. Those gems are the most valuable currency and are very much required to get a legendary. All the ways which we would see will depend upon your gems, so save them! And use them in the below mentioned, most effective way possible. Also, don’t every buy brawlers from the shop, they are one of the worst offers in the game.

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The most useful way of spending your gems would be buying token doublers. You get 1000 doublers for 50 gems, that means you get a mega box for just 50 gems, saving you 30 gems. Especially the weekly token doubler offer which gives you 1400 token doublers for just 39 gems, it is one of the best offers in the game. This offer rewards you 1.4 Mega boxes with less than half the price. These token doublers give you double the boxes you normally open thus increasing the chances of legendary because of game’s weird mechanic which surrounds it.


The next most effective way to spend your gems is to buy tickets from the shop. They usually appear during the weekends where you can buy 60 tickets for 80 gems. They can give you insane value when combined with token doublers. Try to hold up all your tickets until Robo Rumble, Collect or buy at least 100 tickets. And max bet 20 tickets every single game. Also, get a good team for the event and have the best brawlers to get 6 mins at least where you receive 500 tokens. This way using the token doublers you can get 1000 tokens every single game giving you 10 brawl boxes every time. Sweet right?

Some ticket offer come up in the shop during the weekends, where I saw 100 tickets for 60 gems. Now usually per ticket is worth 80/60 =1.33 gems. But in this offer its 60/100 = 0.6 gems. That is double the savings and an insane deal, never ever miss this deal.


  • Average number of boxes needed to be open before the first occurrence of X = 1/p(X) = 1/0.0023 or 435 boxes

  • Number of boxes needed to be open to be 99% confident that X will happen = log[1-confidence]/log[1-p(X)] = log(1-0.99)/log(1-0.0023) or 2,000 boxes

  • Give Supercell their well-deserved money and open mega boxes, or you could just enjoy the game and wait patiently for your Legendary to come

  • Get Legendary

SOURCE — REDDIT by u/Sharp-Odds

Brawl Stars has an in-game mechanic that could actually help people who do not have a legendary. So, you could see your legendary drop rate from the info button in any chest. The more boxes you open the greater your chances will be of pulling a legendary. What it means is, the game increases your chances of getting a legendary for every box you don’t get a legendary!

It may sound cool because it is, indeed. But still pulling a legendary is very difficult, that why I have shared some of the effective ways to open the most boxes in the shortest time for getting a legendary.



You may have some luck opening a mega box as well, but don’t ever buy it in the shop. Try to push your trophies very high. Always use a variety of brawlers so that you won’t have much difficulty pushing. You will get a mega box for every 1000 trophies from 8K. It is still hard to pull a legendary, but there’s always a chance.

Personally, I also recommend the mega box for 49 deals. When you think about it, a token doubler is the equivalent of 10 regular boxes. A mega box has 10x the loot of a regular box (or so they claim) and is worth 49 during special deals. you effectively save 1 gem and a lot of game time.


These could definitely vary from your percentage because you would have opened a lot of boxes already.

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If you have all the possible rewards of the same type, the chance of getting the other rewards in the game increases. For example, if you have all the rare brawlers (characters) of the game in your possession, your chances of getting higher rewards increase. If you open a few boxes without ever getting new characters, the probability of getting a legendary one the next time you open it increases. Finally, note that star powers are only obtained for characters who have reached level 9.



At the end of the day, everything is based on your luck, a f2p may get a legendary faster than p2w, so its just pure randomness or entropy. As I mentioned earlier, the more boxes you open, the better chance you have in pulling a legendary. I am in no way restricting anyone from buying your favourite skins or using gems for boxes, all the tips I have given is to open the maximum boxes in minimum time. GOOD LUCK GETTING A LEGENDARY!


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