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How to Get Legendary Brawl Stars Brawlers Fast

How To Get Legendary Brawl Stars Characters Fast

Legendary brawlers are a group of very powerful Brawl Stars Brawlers with unique attacks and abilities. Having these Brawl Stars Characters by your side enhances your gameplay and makes the battles more competitive, and your brawler might end up on the Brawl Stars tier list. 

However, unlocking a legendary brawler in itself is one of the biggest challenges in Brawl Stars. We have seen many pro players unlocking 1000s of brawl boxes and never getting a single legendary brawler, or newbies get one on their initial attempts. 

Brawl Stars: How to Get Legendary Brawlers

It is hard but not impossible, and there are a few things that you need to understand first

Brawl BoxesBrawl Stars Brawlers

Your best chance at getting legendary brawl star Characters is from brawl boxes. If you don’t already know what brawl boxes are and how they work, let’s start from the basics!

Brawl Boxes are the main way of getting Brawl Stars Brawlers. You can get brawl boxes from the shop, trophy road or brawl pass. If you get a Big Box, it equals 3 regular brawl boxes, and a Mega box equals 10 brawl boxes. Once you get a hold of a brawl box, you need a certain number of tokens or gems to unlock them. 

How to Get Legendary Brawlers? | Brawl Stars UP!


As tempting as it may be to get new skins in exchange for gems, you need to resist it. Since gems are required to open a brawl box, you must preserve them to unlock a legendary brawler. 

Buy Token Doublers

You can buy token doublers in exchange for your gems from the shop. For 50 gems, you will get 1000 doublers, which means you can get a mega box in just 50 gems instead of 80 gems. The token doublers help you open double boxes than usual, increasing your chances of getting legendary Brawl Stars Brawlers. 

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Understand the Game Mechanics of Brawl Stars Brawlers

According to this game’s mechanics, each player has some specific chances of unlocking any brawler; to check that, you can click on their info button. The more boxes you open, the greater chance you have at unlocking a legendary.  So, if you have unlocked many brawl boxes and still haven’t got a legendary; then don’t worry, you have high chances of getting one. 

Final thoughts on Legendary Brawlers

Your luck also plays a huge role in this game, and if you are lucky enough, you might get a legendary brawler without doing many efforts. But you need to keep playing this game to earn more gems and push more trophies because your chances of getting a legendary depend on the number of brawl boxes you open. 

Playing frequently will not only let you get your favorite brawler, but it will also enhance your gameplay and prepare effective strategies to counter each Brawl Stars Characters and win every game event.


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