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The Best Brawl Stars Characters Guide: HOW TO USE BIBI?

Bibi Brawl Stars

Batter up for Bibi Brawl Stars! Bibi’s got a sweet swing that can knock back enemies when her Home Run bar is charged. Her Super is a bouncing ball of gum that deals damage. We’ll get to know more about Bibi in this Brawl Stars Characters Guide!


Basic Information

Type: Funnel Shaped Bat Rarity:

Epic Brawler

 Attack Range: 

3.67 tiles


2.57 tiles

Attack Reload:


Super Range: 

40 tiles

Star Power: Home Run

Bibi’s movement speed is increased by 12% when her Home Run bar is fully charged.

Star Power:
Batting Stance

When Bibi’s Homerun bar is fully charged, she shields herself from all damage by 30%.

Level Stats


Level Health Attack Damage Super Damage
1 4200 1300 900
2 4410 1365 945
3 4620 1430 990
4 4830 1495 1035
5 5040 1560 1080
6 5250 1625 1125
7 5460 1690 1170
8 5670 1755 1215
9-10 5880 1800 1260

ATTACK: Three Strikes

Bibi swings with her baseball bat, hitting enemies in a wide arc. This attack, much like Frank’s, takes time to wind up. However, unlike Frank, she can move while doing so. In addition, if Bibi’s ammo meter is full, her Home Run bar will begin to charge. Her Home Run bar takes 2 seconds to charge up, and when fully charged, will make Bibi’s next attack able to knock back enemies. However, it will do the same amount of damage as her main attack.

She won’t be able to hit enemies when they are directly in front of her, as her bat’s radius is slightly curved as you can see above.


Bibi Brawl Stars Characters


For her regular attack, she has a range of 3.3 tiles, which makes her the third shortest ranged brawler in the game. Its just 0.3 tiles lower than Rosa’s. But her super on the flipside has a range of 40 tiles!


Without her star power, she has a speed of 2.57 tiles which makes her the 11th fastest brawlers. But her star power makes her 3.07 tiles per second.


She could stay for 15.3 seconds with the sniper bots


She is ranked 15th place between carl and barley.


It takes 1.55 seconds for her to reload her ammo which is the third-fastest reload speed in the game.


She could deal 11200 damage when the robot is kept in the right position near the two walls. Which places in the third place.


It takes her 3 shots to charge your super and approx 2.73 seconds.


She comes in 2nd place just after Rico and kills the bot in 22.2 seconds


She can clear out the robots in 4.2 seconds and ties her in 4th place.


She can deal with 4620 damage to the turret, which places her in 21st place.

Bibi’s Super: SpitBall

Bibi sends out a large, long-ranged bubble. This bubble is able to pierce through enemies and bounce off of walls. However, the bubble will pop and disappear after 5 seconds. You can also have multiple bubbles at the same time. Bibi’s Super is able to bounce off the other wall edge and hit an IKE turret twice in Siege without being in the range of the IKE’s devastating missiles. With her Super, she is able to kill off low health brawlers, safes in Heist, and IKE turret in Siege from a very large distance.

Using her Super right after starting the swing to knock back an enemy brawler can result in the bubble hitting them twice, usually securing a kill against low to medium health brawlers


Star Power: Home Run

When Bibi’s ammo meter is full and her Home Run bar is fully charged, her movement speed is increased from 770 points to 862 points. However, Bibi will move at normal speed again after using her home run swing. This is especially good in brawl ball and also you can easily dodge shots from snipes or get into the enemy’s side.

Star Power: Batting Stance

When Bibi’s Home Run bar is full, she gains a shield that reduces all damage she takes by 30%. This shield will stay active until you attack, in which case the Homerun bar would no longer be active. She can literally over to any brawler without hesitating because of that shield, which makes you a very good control brawler as the opponent will be knocked back.

Bibi Brawl Stars Characters

Best Tips for Bibi

Bibi Brawl Stars Characters



She’s a pretty good showdown brawler and really good with her shield star power. She can easily escape from tanks if they secretly ambush you, but don’t miss your shot as when the brawler is near you a part of the batting stance radius does not affect the enemy, which means that don’t allow the opponent to get right on top of you, then you are pretty much dead. Bibi’s Star Power is useful for getting around the map. With the extra move speed, she will be able to get around faster, positioning herself in choke points waiting to ambush unsuspecting enemies that get too close! You can increase the effectiveness of her Home Run’s knockback mechanic in Events with Modifiers active. For instance, Bibi can push targets towards the destination of meteors or away from healing mushrooms and energy drinks

Gem Grab

She is only good at bushy maps like minecraft madness, shabby shells etcetera. This is because she can easily deal with medium health brawlers very easily with her fast reload and high damage output. She can also push back tank brawlers away from collecting gems. If you could sneak into the enemies’ side, you can use your push back ability to send the enemies to your side for your teammates to finish them. Your spitball can multiple times in gem grab because people often group in the center collecting gems. Bibi’s Home Run Bar is very useful for pushing back and fending off enemies. Use it to push back enemies from the central mine area, or fend off enemies rushing at your gem carrier.

Brawl ball

She’s one of the best brawlers in Brawl ball, especially because of her knockback ability. he can easily knock back anyone who is approaching with the ball to make a goal. She is used as a defensive brawler, more likely to knockback tanks who treat to your teammates. And with her star power, homerun ability, she can run insanely fast with the ball and also her shield star power can shield her by 30%.

With a fully charged Home Run Bar, you can use Bibi’s normal attacks to break up enemy formations and clear a path to the goal. Alternatively, you can use it to push back attackers and buy your team more time. With Star Power, having a fully charged Home Run Bar will allow you to move very fast! Use this trait to outrun defending Brawlers as you look for an opening to the goal


She is not that great in heist because of her very slow reload speed and low damaging waves. But she can be deadly when combined with other tanks and hide them with her sandstorm and heal them with her star power. Overall she is pretty bad in the mode as she can’t do anything offensively or defensively and also because of so many tank brawlers in the mode, shes gonna struggle hard. Since Bibi’s Super can bounce off walls, she will be able to hit the safe multiple times if done correctly in a tight, enclosed space!


She’s just absolute trash in bounty but is still decent in some bushy maps. There are so many snipers her but she can viable with her both star powers either by shielding from snipers or easily dodging from the snipers. She can be good at canal grande especially. But overall she a bad choice. Bibi’s Home Run Bar will be able to knock back teammates. If done correctly, she may be able to use her attacks to separate enemies away from their team and leave them as easy pickings


One of the best brawlers for siege solely because of her knockback mechanic. She can knockback anyone who’s trying to collect the bolts with her star power, she can run fast and charge into the center of the map and collect all the bolts. She does not need to kill anyone; She can be really good against the robot and push it back very far protecting your IKE turret. Bibi can use her normal attacks to push back advancing enemies as long as her Home Run Bar is fully charged. Use this to buy some time in when enemies enter your base!

Bibi Brawl Stars Characters

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