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How To Use The Leon Brawl Stars Character?

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Leon is a Legendary brawler known for his ability to get invisible from his enemies by using his Super. Leon Brawl Stars has medium health, but he can deal with a high amount of damage on his enemies in close range. Out of all the Brawl Stars characters, Leon has the fastest movement speed that makes him pretty dangerous. 

Let’s discuss Leon Brawl Stars unique abilities and powers in detail!

Quick Guide to Using Leon (For Beginners)

Leon’s Attack: Spinner Blades

Leon attacks by firing four long-ranged blades that sweep from left to right in a cone shape, the damage dealt by these blades depends on how far they travel before hitting the target. These blades are most effective when they are in a closer range of Leon; otherwise, their damage reduces as they travel away from Leon. His attack completes in 0.55 seconds.

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Leon’s Super: Super Bomb

When Leon uses his super, he can turn invisible for six seconds, allowing him to ambush his enemies or retreat. He will be visible to the enemies who are 4 tiles away from him. Once he attacks his enemies, he loses his invisibility. The charging of his super depends on the damage dealt by him rather than the number of hits like most Brawl Stars characters. 

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Leon’s Gadget: Clone Projector

His gadget lets him make a copy of himself. Using his gadget, he can either create a diversion to confuse his enemies or run away from them. The clone will chase the nearest opponent to confuse them, but don’t do anything to them. The clone will copy Leon’s stats, but he cannot heal himself and gets double damage from his enemy’s attacks. Once defeated, the clone will automatically vanish. Leon can summon another one that will respawn in 10 seconds. 

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Leon’s Star Powers

Now comes the star of the show. Once Leon becomes invisible by using his Super, this star power can increase his speed by 30%, making him deadlier than ever!

Using this Star Power, Leon can gain 1000 health per second when he is invisible, making it a total of 6000 health if his Super isn’t interrupted with an attack. However, he will still continue to heal after getting hit by his enemy

How to make the most out of Leon

Leon Brawl Stars is one of the strongest players in the game; if you choose him, use his powers wisely to win the game!


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