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Mortis Brawl Stars

Mortis is a mythological character with moderate damage and health. Mortis and his group of bats will send the enemies straight to the coffin and heal himself. In all Brawl Stars characters, Mortis is one of the unique brawlers of the game. His famous shovel swings and bloodsucker friends will send the enemies in the packings. 


However, if you are new to this multilevel game and want to know more about the strategies of Mortis in different modes, his strength and weaknesses and tips on how to play with her, then keep on reading:

BRAWL STARS CHARACTERS GUIDE: Mortis in Different Modes 

Mortis Brawl Stars is a moderate health and damage character. But the performance of Mortis is different in each mode of the Brawl Stars. Here we are listing characteristics and performance of Mortis in each mode: 

1. Heist 

In this mode, gamers don’t suggest using Mortis. He doesn’t have a super or range attack which can result in tons of damages. Try using Mortis in other modes. Indeed, among all Brawl Stars characters, he could perform well in other modes. 

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2. Gem Grab and Bounty 

These modes are quite similar to each other that’s why we are mentioning them together. Mortis is an effective player in both modes. However, your goal should try to surprise your opponent and stay hidden so you can dash out and kill them when they go to collect the Gem Grab. While using Mortis super during the Gem Grab, the countdown can be the key to keep you alive more to kill the enemies.

However, if you use the key in the final seconds, you can protect your team and stay alive or kill the enemies in the last-second win. 

3. Showdown

If you want to use Mortis in the showdown, you should go to the center of the map and keep yourself hidden. You should stay as long as you can and wait till 3-4 brawlers are left. This may sound like a bad idea as all of the other brawlers collect the powerups, but your scary speed makes it hard for the other enemies to hit you. 

Mortis Brawl Stars Characters

Tips for Using Mortis Right Way

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Mythic | Mortis |

After reading this quick guide on Mortis, you know that Mortis has great speed and decent health. He has the lowest range in the Brawl Stars with the strength, and it isn’t easy to reload. Sometimes hard to play as well, but yet one of the best brawlers in the whole game. 

Happy Playing with Mortis!



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