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Insider View To Track My Brawl Stars Stats

Brawl Stars Stats

My Brawl Stars Stats are very important; they tell me every detail about the games I played in Brawl Stars. They are the analysis of every game I play and tell me how good or bad I am. They also show the status of brawlers that I use, which brawler am I good with, and where do I need to work on to gain better stats. Isn’t it interesting?

The question here is that if the Brawl Stars Stats are so important, then how do I track them?

How to Track My Brawl Stars Stats?

Many websites ask you your Brawl Stars user name or the tag number of your Brawl Stars ID. These websites include sites such as MyBrawlStats. When you put in your tag number in the bar and press enter, they give out a complete detail of how you are doing in your Brawl Stars games.

MyBrawlStats – Best Tool for Checking your Brawl Stars Stats! | Brawl Stars  UP!

What Do the Brawl Stats Tell Me?

The stats tell me a lot about my progress in Brawl Stars. Some of the mentioned things are:

MyBrawlStats (@MyBrawlStats) | Twitter


You can improve your game plan by looking at your stats and improving your brawler list. You can also figure out how to play the brawlers in S tier list of Brawl Stars Tier List and become the best players.


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