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Brawl Stars Tier List for The New Game Mode


Hot Zone is the newest game mode that was released for celebrating Lunar New year. And this one is like capture the flag mode where you get points the longer you stay in the hot zone. It is a pretty interesting game mode, especially because no one has yet found the best strategy to use in the mode. Here we go through all the best tips and tricks and also the Brawl Stars Tier List for this new game mode.

Hot Zone is a brand new mode that challenges you to hold zones on a map to gain points, with the team with the most points over two minutes winning the match.

Enemy brawlers can enter the hot zone at any moment, preventing you from gathering points. If you leave the zone while gaining a point, the process is interrupted.

The final 30 seconds provides double points.


Well, basically this is a mixture of gem grab and bounty where you should have the control over the center. It is sometimes too late for a comeback because it is very hard to gain control once you are team wiped. Always have at least one team mate alive for a little pushback or else you can’t do anything.

Clumping in the middle, most of the time either wipes your team or the enemy’s, so be very careful. Always use an area control brawler when playing this mode. While it is actually very similar to gem grab because it’s all about like maintaining control at a specific location, it’s also kind unlike all other 3v3 modes the mode operated by rewarding brawlers clumping like sticking together in order to sustain control of the zone and this is actually a big no-no to all other game modes where it is much better for you to spread out so it’s hard for people to hit their shots and so you can kind of like surround people.

There are a few different things that make a brawler better in hot zone because of this, first of all, an abilities to sustain control at a set location like spawners, like Pam right also an ability to like move other brawlers or prevent brawlers from entering a zone kind of like Tara, is really beneficial. Also, an ability to get themselves or help teammates get into the zone is really helpful like Sandy’s super and like you got the idea also a brawler’s ability to deal with clumps of brawler’s like lots of splash damage all in one place you know pass through dealing damage multiple people at the same time like Em’s is really good and then also a brawler’s ability to deal with close-range brawlers. This is super important so kind of think of like Rosa because you don’t want to leave the zone, after all, it is hot zone. Now for maps with two zones a brawler’s ability to like multitask zones be like either using ranged abilities or like throwing a spawner or something like that becomes really important.


Brawl Stars Tier List For Competitive Meta

  • S – Excellent: Excellent on almost all maps/comps; Best options for randoms.
  • A – Great: Great on most maps & comps; Okay with randoms.
  • B – Good: Maps & comp dependent; Team highly recommended.
  • F  – Bad: Not recommended to play unless you have some grinch in you.
  • This Brawl Stars tier list is for competitive meta.

The Overall Brawl Stars Tier List

We won’t go through the F-Tier brawlers as they are really bad for this mode.







She is a beast against tanks and sometimes that’s really good for her but she’s also really vulnerable against brawlers that are really common in this mode that can just still damage and out Ranger and she just you know, she’s only really good against tanks.


Bull is also in the beast category here, as a tank he’s viable but there are better melee options. He can be pretty good on maps with one zone on the map specifically the one with the box around it but he struggles a lot on the two-zone maps which are the majority of the maps.


He has really decent burst damage and he’s also got really good damage up close and like range to be able to deal down from people far away so that does make him viable. His super also does a really good job at clearing an entire zone while also breaking cover of some of those close-range brawlers. However with that lower amount of help that he has a really difficult time holding down his own because he just kind of like has to fall back to stay alive.


On one hand, tick his absolutely incredible for pushing brawlers outside of the zone but you know yeah he’s got the range. He’s got the spread of the attack and he’s just kind of like that have to fall back now then, on the other hand, he has incredibly low health and it is very difficult for him to maintain control of his own when melee brawlers just kind of like a running toward him and he can be played with the right team comp and on the right map so that definitely justifies.


Primo is also gonna be in a B tier. He’s kind of similar to Bull there are other high health brawlers and melee brawlers who were a little bit better than el primo that does succeed in the mode. But el primo, his ability to get back into the zone with his super is even like better than bulls because of the fact that he’s immune while he’s traveling and he can just like jump right down and all some people really do have to deal with him.


Like a lot of the other thrower throwers Barley is vulnerable to close-range combat and that’s a really large trade-off for the fact that he does have the ability to really control the hot zone. He is better than tick and Dynamike at dealing with enemies up close though so he can be played well.


Rico also making his way into the B tier. He has range damage and his ability to bounce his shots just makes him a pretty decent choice similar to many other beater brawlers though he kind of lacks the ability to keep maintaining that control over the zone because he ever has that low HP.


Piper is kind of in the same rate same bow right, she has the range and that great burst damage that makes it really good for it. Like take somebody out and then enter into the zone and then if somebody does try to come to her zone, she does have his/her super to like run away you know because she’s terrible up close but in that type of situation. She gives up the zone so you know not typically the best on the right map


Frank’s also in the B tier here. He does have the ability to pierce through multiple targets dealing damage to them and stun them and he can really punish brawlers for clumping up. But he has that shot delay and that is such a big weakness and so that makes him just like not quite as good as some of these other brawlers consistently however on a single-point map you know he can do really really well.


Bibi also in the B tier here. You’d think that the knocking brawlers out of the zone might seem like pretty strong but most of the time it’s actually just better to eliminate the brawler completely and to make it so that they have to wait even longer before re-entering because she’s just like knocks them out and they can come right back or she knocks him out and then they had that opportunity to fault him to run away.


Here he is great when he’s outside of the zone because he can pull brawler’s outside of it but when he’s in the zone. If he pulls an enemy toward him that means that you’re no longer scoring points and that means that it could actually reset the countdown foot timer for you to actually score a point now with the goal being to like stay in the zone and prevent enemy brawlers from getting into the zone. Gene is pretty limited in what he can do.


Max’s value is like in every mode, is really in her super right although she has a pretty good DPS now. But you guys get the idea her super can’t help her and her team get to the zone faster but it’s like kind of useless for continuing to maintain control of that zone.


This was actually kind of a little bit of a toss-up for our collaborators Poco shields are amazing and allowing him to like regain health and get back into the zone and also do the same thing for his teammates and he also benefits from having a ranged pierced attack that allows some of these damage multiple targets. But he just doesn’t deal a lot of burst damage and he’s really vulnerable to close-range combat and he really lacks that substantial DPS to really make him viable. He’s amazing if you have a couple of tanks that you can really like keep alive that can kind of help supports him on a single point map.



Mr P’s turret seems to like never die and this is especially true in the hot zone because enemy players don’t want to get out of the zone to try and actually reach it to take it out when they have that opportunity to because they’d rather just make or continue to get those points. So unless the enemy team has a thrower, his turret is permanently there and he generates huge value for his team over time now that being said he’s really great at attacking from a long-range. He’s really terrible up close because it’s so easy to dodge will really just cut his damage in half so you got to be kind of prepared to fall back if necessary but he’s still gonna gain a lot of the value simply because of his turret.


Spawners are really good in a hot zone and need is no exception especially with her bear, she’s super easily able to just drive enemy teams away from zones, push them back and maintain control when she does have control of her own maps. With two zones really allowed her to operate effectively as a lone agent in case she can just like go back and forth between the two zones helping and adding support wherever she needs to her allies or just like kind of keeping people pushed back her. Pierce damage also allows for her to create get a lot of value against enemies that really clump up which happens very frequently in this mode.


You need a lot of control in the center or at specific locations and scrappy generates a huge value for Jesse. Not only does scrappy chips a target, the enemies have to like waste their attacks on and she gets a lot of value that way but also just the fact that she’s able to attack and hit multiple targets at a time allows her to recharge up her ability over and over and over again and she’s just really really good.


He’s got high health, he can deal damage from a distance, he can burst damage up close is just all-around great for the hot zone. His greatest asset is his super bombs right enemies will either waste time trying to trigger them or they will get hit by the mines because they didn’t see where they were or they’ll waste time trying to trigger them and get hit by the mines because it’s hard to do that while you’re dodging shots and you’re trying to stay within the area of the zone that gives Bo insane amounts of value with every single super next.

8 Bit

With an impressive range and impressive damage, impressive HP, he’s a little slow but all those things kind of come together to help him be a really good on maps with two zones and of course guys, his turret the star of the show it just generates so much value for his team in that not only being a target the enemies have to waste their attacks on but also just increasing that damage and making it so much more difficult for the enemy team to actually get in the zone.


With her super I mean oh my goodness her super, she’s just able to light you get enemies close up bunched up she throws down that super you can wipe an enemy team, regain control of zones and not only is her super just super great. When she has it charged up it makes it a huge risk for the enemy team to try and get back into the zone once they see that yellow flashing right it’s like immediately they feel like they have to fall back and she can basically just sit there.


You won’t find a single spawner that is not good here, they’re just all so good. She has pierced damaged just incredibly punishes brawler’s who clump up and allows you to really just maintain that control of the zone and that Splash Damage also takes advantage of all of the tanks in the mode.  Every spawner that places down a turret is weak against Penny and that makes her so good and on top of that her turret really just punishes the typical brawler that like you know hovers around the zone which you see a lot in the zone and this just makes it very likely they’re gonna get hit by the turret. They’re not gonna want to leave the zone to try and get rid of the turret because of that, there’s it’s gonna be up there for as long as she wants it to be and really the only way they’re gonna get rid of it is if you have a thrower.


Range combat check, high health check, melee abilities in a super check, yeah Carl’s a beast in almost every mode and there is no questioning that he is A tier in this mode as well I don’t know why people aren’t playing him as much as they should.


This is actually like a really good mode for Pam which I really like that she feels a decent amount of damage from a distance, not the most but she does it and she feels even more up close that makes for an excellent choice in house. Her turret generates a consistent value in sustaining control of the zone especially where hot zone you want a bunch up in a way right and no other mode is bunching up good so this is especially good for Pam. Especially once again when she is equipped with Mama’s squeeze at Starpower which damages brawlers that try and enter into the zone. Her other star power also really works well in this mode but I really do like her mama squeeze.


Bea is still so good because the brute strength of her power shot and that her slow down. Just those two things together just absolutely qualify her for A tier regardless of her nerfed star power.


He has a decent amount of damage at a distance. He has a really good amount of damage up close his ability to burst brawlers down is really solid. And the ability for him to heal with his fertilised star power is so good and his super are basically covers the entire zone. I mean oh man this is a really good mode for you to put a spike in as well. He’s a solid A tier brawler.


She is an absolute beast for this mode. She’s got spread damage, she’s got Pierce damage, she has burst DPS, she has a super that covers more than the entire zone. She can basically cover two zones at once if she’s between them but she does really struggle with enemies that get up close to her and you know kind of all up in her business and when in control she is amazing but she’s very vulnerable to the upcoming S tier your combo we’re about to talk about.



Despite the nerf to his duration of the steel hoop star power Daryl is still such a strong brawler throughout the meta even with his steel hoops star power with his automatic loading ambush super Daryl was able to return into the zone and like immediately push brawlers out direct hits. With his super, often allow him to 1v1 any brawler in the game and his ability to change supers also allows him to sometimes go in against a lot of brawlers at once because he can super in kill one of them and super back out and kind of like it, kind of offset the balance that was going on that the non-balanced because he was losing and he killed somebody and now he’s winning. Also, the frequency of his supers makes it so that the mistakes with the super forgives the whole play.


Rosa with her super providing nearly infinite amounts of health all brawlers will have a difficult time pushing her outside of his own once she is controlling it and despite having no ability to travel distance like most of the other tanks that are good for this mode, roses range and the Pierce for her attack so she can hit more people and all that with her shield makes her one of the most dominant tanks in hot zone and she’s even better when she has her healing star power if there are bushes within the zone.


Lastly guys, we have the golden S Tier brawler, the best brawler for the mode voted by the tier list collaborators is Sandy. No one is better than Sandy the golden S tier brawler for the hot zone. He is the King of this tier trio and just makes this comp specifically so incredibly dominant his super covers more than an entire zone and a lot of the times he can use it to just connect the zones which makes it very easy for him to attack from one zone to the other or for his teammates to do the same thing while going undetected with Rude sans enemies are exposed and that means they are forced to leave the zone for up to nine seconds and with healing winds him and his teammates are gonna do a better job at staying inside the zone with an insane amount of healing per second. The cherry on the cake is the fact that his unload spread and the ability for him to attack more than one target at a time just makes it so easy for him to contest against other brawlers and charge up a super once an enemy is within range.


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