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How to Gain Trophies Fast – Brawl Stars Guide for Beginners

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Brawl Stars Guide for Beginners

Hey guys! In this Brawl Stars guide, I will be showing you some different methods to gain trophies – fast!


This art is called grinding and it has existed ever since the most primitive video games.

Although, I suppose you could just buy a bunch of gems, but for people who don’t want to spend money so here is how you do it!

I will be splitting this Brawl Stars guide up into each method and what you earn from them.

Brawl Stars Guide to gain trophies

Method #1: Showdown Grinding

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This method is the most popular way to gain a large amount of trophies in a short amount of time. However, this method is only effective below rank 25 range.

Many people use this method for trophy grinding due to the fact that you can do this with any brawler (although some are easier than others).

First, you will need a showdown event. The best map to do so varies on which brawler you are using. If you are using long-range brawlers – for example: Brock, Piper, Bea, etc – you will want to play them in an open map. If you are playing Bull, Shelly, El Primo, or any high DPS brawlers, you would want to play in bushy maps.

Pick a brawler, any brawler. This method is great for getting trophies for your lower brawlers.


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Enter the showdown map and be on HIGH ALERT mode.

The general idea is to avoid ALL contact with anybody.

Yes, try to get powerups, but only shoot boxes if you’re 100% sure nobody can take advantage of you while you are busy.

Another thing you can do once you’ve gotten the hang of it is you can pull a fight interception – (sorry couldn’t think of a better name). Stalk people (without letting them see you) until you find two or more people trying to kill each other. Wait until you’re 100% sure you won’t die, then walk in and finish off whoever survived, because chances are, they’ll be wounded.

Basically, do whatever it takes to stay alive until there are only 2 other people on the field. Keep hiding and you’ll either get the second place or kill the survivor.

This method is very good for grinding trophies.

Method #2: 3v3 Matches

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3v3 is an easy way to earn trophies if you are playing with TEAMMATES. Please do not play with randoms or you will just tilt.

If you are playing with teammates, it is still a safe and easy way to earn trophies. I normally use this whenever I’ve just lost a large amount of trophies in Showdown.

First, find two other teammates. They don’t have to be extremely good, the main purpose of this is to organize a team that will work out so you don’t end up on a team with no tank or all tanks, etc.

This method works best in Gem Grab, Heist, Hot Zone, Siege, and Bounty.

If you do not have anyone to play with, you can always check in Brawl Stars Discord. You can post your room code and people will join you, but make sure you tell them your trophy count.

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Thank you for reading this Brawl Stars guide!

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I just wanted to get this out there. There are several methods of grinding I did not cover here (such as binge buying gems), but I think I got most of them.

Once you start to get higher in trophies, the showdown will be very dangerous and you have a high risk to lose trophies. The best way to grind is 3v3 with teammates.

Thanks for reading this guide.



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