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The Best Brawl Stars Tips For Everyone

Hey there, brawlers! You may not know me but I was a writer here back in the day. I was a player from the beta stage of Brawl Stars so i am quite experienced. But i have taken a long break from writing so please excuse any sloppiness or errors..


The Best Brawl Stars Tips For Everyone

This article covers somethings I have learned while playing and from other players. Some may not be directly related to Brawl Stars but they are rather important.

Some tips maybe basic knowledge for you guys but for some starter players it may be quite helpful and if I can help even 1 person with my guide, it’ll be worth it.

Top 10 General Brawl Stars Tips

By SuyogThePun 


In any mode, when first spawning in, it’s not encouraged to go in guns blazing.

Look at the enemy lineup and you will get a decent image of what the match will be like. Plan accordingly.

If your team has a Poco, Jessie and Frank, while the enemy team has El Primo, Bull and Shelly then Poco and Jessie should be the leading players while Frank should try to suppress them and get in a quick game ending super.


Walk sporadically.

If you walk straight or your walking patterns are easy to learn then you’re a really easy target for any brawler.

Try to walk in a sporadic manner. Weave and dodge your enemies and you’ll see major improvements in your gameplay.

This may not be as important in lower ranks but as you progress into the higher ranks you will learn it’s importance.


Know how to use Auto Aim!

Use auto aim with some brawlers and never with others.

If you’re using close range brawlers like Shelly, Bull or Daryll then use auto aim as much as you can.

But if you’re using long range brawlers like Brock, Piper or Ricochet then PLEASE do not use auto aim.

You may be able to hit completely still targets but anything else and you’d better start calling your enemies Neo cause oh boy, you will be missing shots left and right.

Now, I know it’s hard to break the auto spam habit but just try to go a few shifts of a brawler like Brock or Piper who need manual aiming to be good.

After that, you’ll be pretty set for getting that five hundo on your long rangers.

It’s not always best to use Auto Aim even when your Brawler is close range! GIF shared by CandiedKittens.


Stop playing if you’re tilting.

Okay. This doesn’t really apply to the game itself. People tend to be competitive. That’s ok. It’s in our nature.

Some of us really get into the game and hate losing even a single match let alone a whole session of tilting.

If you’re particularly feeling angry, close the app, play another relaxing game, watch some YouTube videos or anything else. Really let your mind loose. It’s not healthy to be raging all the time.

Me being in a losing streak.


While playing, sit in a correct posture.

Whether you’re at home, school, or on a train, sit in a correct and proper posture.

Not only will it help improve the quality of your gameplay, it will also really help you in the long term. Using phones and tablets in a wrong posture will really come back to bite you in the arse in 10 or 15 years.

Also, hold your phones properly. Try to keep your elbows and wrists as straight as possible. Try not to overstretch your thumb while playing.


Try to play with a group.

If you’re really trying to top the boards then your best bet is play with friends in the same room or through a group call.

When playing with friends, you’ll be able to do callouts and really improve your gameplay.

Trust me. I reached 500 trophies with Tara through randoms and it was not pretty.

Now, i regularly play with groups in a call and it’s so much easier to get wins.

Also, once you start playing with friends you won’t have to worry about those -300 IQ teammates.


Think of the overall goal.

Don’t be selfish. It doesn’t matter if you score both goals in Brawl Ball or it was your teammates. You don’t need to be the star player every time.

Brawl Stars is a team game after all, you gotta remember that.

When your teammate can score easily but you refuse to pass the ball to them, it’s your loss. Remember that.


Teaming or not teaming in showdown is your choice.

Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise.

If you team, you have a higher chance of being #1 or at least getting trophies.

Or if you don’t team, you will have the privilege of flexing on others by telling them “I did it all by myself, you filthy teamers.” Honestly it’s your choice.

There are quite a lot of people on Brawl Stars who try to make people play Brawl Stars their way but try to ignore them and do what you have to do.

Teaming or not teaming? It’s up to you! – Screenshot by CandiedKittens


Conserve your Coins.

It’s hard to upgrade your brawlers in the mid stages. Power Points aren’t even the main problem. The one thing that many brawlers actually need is Coins.

Don’t go around haphazardly spending your Coins here and there. Try to save them to upgrade your brawler to level 9 and just keep opening boxes until you get the Star Power.

2000 for 1 Star Power is a lot of coin! Instead, utilize those coins to upgrade other Brawlers. Only buy Star Powers if you’re late game and have an abundance of Coins.


Conserve your Gems for only meaningful purchases.

You’re better off trying to use those Gems for getting Tickets or coin doublers.

Don’t buy a Mega Box unless there is a Special Offer or discount on it.

You could buy skins or brawlers but I’d really prioritize Tickets and Coin Doublers over and other purchase.

And that’s just about what i have to say for this guide. Let me know in the comments if you don’t agree with any of these statements. 

Also, please join the Brawl Stars UP Discord Server for more info and help from all sorts of brawlers.



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