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The Best Brawl Stars Characters Guide for Beginners: Frank

Frank Brawl Stars

Frank Brawl Stars, a deadly epic brawler who is designed to epically scare his enemies… Unlock him and defeat all other Brawl Stars Characters! With his heavyweight and robust built, he is impossible to defeat. He also has very high health, which makes him one of the most powerful brawlers.

frank brawl stars characters

Frank Brawl Stars Basic Stats:

Primary Attack: Hammer Hit

Frank uses his Thor-like hammer to hit the ground hard for his lethal primary attack, which sends a shockwave towards his enemies, leaving half of them stunned or knocked back.

However, his attack takes about 1.5 seconds for execution, which leaves him vulnerable for other brawlers to attack. So, if he gets stunned or knocked back in the middle of his hammer-hit, his attack will get cancelled due to the opposite attack.

Super Power: Stunning Blow

Frank’s mighty hammer causes a lot of damage in his primary attack, but what can happen if his giant hammer gets a Super? Well, that’s just destruction every way. With his Super, called “Stunning Blow”, Frank swings his hammer and sends an enormous shockwave towards his enemies that has the power to obliterate any obstacle in its way and stun multiple enemies, rendering them vulnerable for Frank to destroy them.

There is a catch, though. Frank Brawl Stars’ Super can also get cancelled if he gets attacked with a different Super that stuns or knocks him down, such as Shelly’s Super. 

Star Power against other Brawl Stars Characters

Whenever Frank defeats an enemy, he gets a 50% damage boost, which means that he will glow purple for the next 12 seconds, meaning his Star Power is activated, and any damage he causes on his enemy brawlers will be 50% extra. 

Frank procures 1100 extra health that increases his health to 10900, which is the max health. This Star Power also influences the process of his passive health regeneration.


To ensure that he’s not vulnerable during the execution of his attacks and Super, Frank can activate this gadget that makes him immune to any slowing attacks, stuns or knockbacks. 

Another pretty awesome gadget, when Frank activates it, he can pull his enemies towards him after his next attack. This gadget also stops any enemy attacks or supers, making it easy for Frank to destroy his enemies.

Guide for Using Frank

Get your frightening and powerful Brawl Stars Characters. Unlocking Frank and win all the Brawl Stars games and dominate the battlefields!


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