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The Best Brawl Stars Playing Styles To Help You Win!

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Photo by Mallie McDaniel

Stay alive is the name of the game and try and grab as many gems as you can while defeating your enemy. It sounds easy enough but getting through a round of Brawl Stars without dying can prove to be quite hard. However, once you’ve had the chance to play this battle-royale style game enough, you begin to notice a pattern with how your opponents play the game. This pattern can help you figure out the best way to stay alive and become the star player so that you can keep earning trophies to help you advance to Brawl Stars stardom.

Photo by Mallie McDaniel

The Shy One

You might recognize this player. You might even be this person. This player hangs back from the rest of the group. They don’t seem to pull their weight when it comes to a group effort. However, they swoop in and take the gems any time a character dies. You have to watch out for them because they seem to lurk and let everyone else do their work for them. While this player doesn’t have much of a chance of being the star player, they still do a decent job of helping their team gather gems. They also happen to last well in solo games where the last one standing wins. You can defeat this player by watching for them and taking them out as soon as you get the chance.

 The Helper

This player tries to help but gets in the way. While they try to pull their weight with their team to attack their opposing team members, they are always right where you need to be. They don’t gather many gems to help bring in the win, nor do they defeat many of their enemies. Instead, they walk around, sometimes they hog the health, and when they die, they lose their gems to the opposite team. They don’t seem to understand the game well enough to avoid dying or offer any help. In solo mode, these players are also the first killed off. They don’t last long because they don’t seem to have any real plan when playing the game.

 The No-Plan Wanderer

This person doesn’t seem attached to their team. They wander around the game and don’t seem to help at all. While they are out of the way, they also don’t contribute much. They don’t gather gems, they walk into the conflict and perish, they also don’t help their team defeat their enemies. They also seem confused about how the game operates. So, while they don’t help, they also aren’t much of a hindrance, although being killed a lot doesn’t help your team score, either. This player gets knocked out easily if you’re on the opposing team. Otherwise, hopefully, you don’t end up with this style player on your side.

Late to The Party

This player is helpful, and they might even make playing this game more fun. However, they don’t always show up when you need them. They seem to know what to do, they grab gems, they try to defeat their enemies, but sometimes, they seem a little lost or not engaged at all. Maybe they got distracted while playing. Either way, they’re either super helpful or not engaged. They can swoop in and collect all the gems, helping your team gain a win, but they aren’t likely to win the Star Player, either. If you have one on your team, the game could go either way; it all depends on if this style player is there to play the game or kill time while focusing on other things.

The Bold One

If any of these playing styles seem familiar that’s because you’ve likely seen them in games like poker, Fortnite, Minecraft or other battle-type games where you need a good strategy to play. The bold-style player is no exception. You might even be this player, but there’s no doubt you’ve seen them before when it comes to playing Brawl Stars. This player comes out, guns blazing, ready to win this game no matter what. They’ve spent the time studying their opponents. They expect no help from their teammates, and they do everything they can to take out their enemies. They ruthlessly attack and grab any and every gem that they can. This style player is usually the Star Player and they have the stats to prove it. They’re super helpful on a team, and they know how to survive to the end. However, the shy ones tend to take out this player. This player has their eye on the prize, so a surprise attack isn’t expected.

There you have it: Five styles of players you might come across while playing Brawl Stars. Maybe you are one of these, or you have a different playing style altogether. Either way, you have a few new ideas to try out, and a few opponent types to watch. Now, go out there and be the best Brawler in the game!



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