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Everything You Need To Know About The Emz Brawl Stars Character

Emz Brawl Stars Review

Emz Brawl Stars character collects the power cubes from the enemies and crates to grow stronger.  This brawler can be unblocked on the reward of trophy road. You can achieve this reward when you reach the 8000 trophies in the game. Also, this character has moderate health but high damage potential with an attack spread and moderate range. Emz has an attack of ‘Hair Spray’, while her Super is called ‘Caustic Charisma’. She uses the gadget ‘Friendzoner’ and the two Star Powers ‘Hype’ and ‘Bad Karma’. 

Emz Guide - Tips and strategies Brawl Stars UP!

Emz has four skins excluding the default: 

  1. Superfan on 149 gems
  2. College on 500-star points
  3. True silver on 1000 coins 
  4. True Gold on 25000 gold coins

History of Emz

Is Emz a Good Brawler to Play? 

Emz is a Brawl Stars new brawler with great control in the modes of Brawl Ball, Gem Grab, especially in the hot zone due to her surviving attack. This brawler can be helpful when running after the Low Hp brawler since her attack can add up the massive damage, and super-credit can slow down the brawlers running away.

Emz can also look out for herself, making things easier for her allies. To make sure she could be a supportive member of the team, her Star Power works far more effectively. 

In the end, this character is one of the famous new brawlers, and if you play with her, you will surely enjoy it. 

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