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The Best Emz Brawl Stars Characters Tips

Emz Brawl Stars

Emz Brawl Stars is a trophy road brawler who can be unlocked at 8k, she is an interesting brawler to use because of her spraying mechanic. She can deal so much damage with the right positioning. Let’s get to know Emz better in this Best Brawl Stars Characters Guide!

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EMZ Brawl Stars – The Spraying Brawler!

Basic Information

Type icon Type: Sprayer Rarity icon Rarity: Starting Brawler
Attack icon Attack Range:  6.67 tiles Speed icon Speed: Normal
Attack Reload icon Attack Reload: 500ms
Role icon Role: Fighter
Super icon Super Length: 5000ms
Star Power
Star Power: Bad Karma

Enemies that stay within the cloud of Emz’s toxic hair spray suffer increasing damage, 20% per hit.

Star PowerStar Power:

Emz recovers 300 health per second for each enemy inside her Super’s area of effect.

Level Stats


Level HP icon Health Attack icon Attack Damage  
1 3600 500
2 3780 525
3 3960 550
4 4140 575
5 4320 600
6 4500 625
7 4680 650
8 4860 675
9 5040 700

Emz Brawl Stars ATTACK: Spray

Emz has a wide spraying projectile that deals damage over time when standing in her poison gases. She sends three waves of poison for every attack and it deals with the most damage when the enemy is standing exactly one tile lower than her max range. At max level, she deals a total of 2520 damage with a single shot if aimed right.

Emz Brawl Stars Characters Guide

She has a very wide range that can most of the time hit multiple brawlers, especially in brawl ball with her quite long projectile range. She deals barely any damage with one tick of her attack when the enemy brawler is very close Emz making her essentially useless up close, therefore always maintain some distance.

Emz Brawl Stars Olympics


For her regular attack, she has a range of 6.6 tiles and this would put her between Sandy and Poco. However, this is one of the most deceiving things in the game as her effective range is two-third tiles longer tieing her with Shelly. And her supers range is two-third tiles shorter than Sandy’s. Overall she is placed at 25th place.


She can run 2.4 ties per second which put her in the 16th place, and she’s not faster than Frank or Mortis!


She could stay on the map for 8 seconds in the survival test


She deals insane damage of 3640 with her star power when a brawler is running away from her and that places her in second place just before spike.


She has one of the longest reload speeds in the entire game similar to Brock. Her reload speed is 2.5 seconds.


Her super deals 280 damage for 5 seconds giving her a total of 1400 damage which puts her right between Mortis and Frank which is kind of spooky!


She needs 8 hits to charge her super, and against a single non-moving target she can do that in 1.7 seconds which makes her top 10 in this test.


She can destroy the boss in 75 seconds which puts her in the 9th place in this test.


She can clear out the robots in 3.5 seconds which ties her with Rico.


She can take out 17% of the ike turret which puts her in the 22nd position in this test.

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Emz’s Super: Caustic Charisma

Emz creates a ring of poison around her which does two things, damages brawler when inside and also slows them down. The super deals 280 damage per second at max range. Brawlers inside the poison will walk slower just like in spikes super. The super lasts for 5 seconds which means she can deal with a total of 1400 damage if a brawler is trapped for the whole duration.

The super can go through walls which makes it even more powerful to chip the enemies constantly even if they are hiding in bushes. If a brawler is caught in the super and you have all the three shots, that one is dead meat.

Emz Brawl Stars Characters


When using Emz’s Super, try to position so that the enemy is near the edge of your Super range. This way, when you attack, the enemy will be slowed and forced to suffer from all 3 ticks of your attack. When using her Super try to damage enemies behind walls so that you can damage them while them not being able to damage you. The slow from Emz’s Super provides a useful defense from close range brawlers, especially ones heavily reliant on movement abilities such as Mortis or Carl. Emz can be useful when chasing down low-HP brawlers since her lingering attack can stack up to massive amounts of damage and her Super can slow down brawlers who are running away. This attribute is beneficial during desperate times in Bounty or Gem Grab.

Star Power: Bad Karma

Enemies that Emz hit take 20% more damage within the cloud of her toxic hairspray before it disappears. This means that you can deal insane damage every time two or three of the sprays hit the enemy. This adds up to 420 additional damage at max level

Star Power: Hype

Enemies that her Super hit recovers Emz 300 health per second for each enemy, which is up to a total of 1500 health over 5 seconds per brawler. This is actually a really good star power especially in game modes like brawl ball. You can activate your super if u need some health by damaging the brawler and at the same time gaining health. But you won’t get any healing if no brawler is inside your ring.

Emz Brawl Stars Characters

Best Tips for Emz Brawl Stars

Emz Brawl Stars Characters



Emz is just insane in a showdown, especially in duo mode. She has a very wide projectile and a decent range which can almost three-shot any brawler if you have star power. You can hard counter shotgunner brawler, but don’t let them close to you, because you are gonna deal less damage up close. You can struggle against brocks and colts because of your low health.

Gem Grab

Emz is a great control brawler in Gem Grab due to her lingering attack. Use Emz to push your enemies to the opposing side while consistently collect gems in Gem Grab or keep enemies slowed down when they have the ball in Brawl Ball. She can easily catch the brawlers if they hiding behind the walls with her super which gives the opponent no time to heal up.

Brawl ball

She is not the best ball carrier but probably the best control brawler in brawl ball. She can always keep the opponents at bay so as never to give them the opportunity to get the ball. Usually, random opponents clump up in the mode, that’s the right time to use super and three-shot every single one of them. Her burst damage can wipe the enemy teams very easily so be unpredictable when using your super.


Honestly, she could be a good brawler in the heist, but personally I have never used her in this mode because she does not seem to be chosen for this. She can be used as a defensive brawler against tanks, as she is extremely good against tanks, just remember don’t let them close. She can deal with damage to the heist safe, but she does not have that much HP to do that.


She can be extremely in a decently bushed map which has closed quarters. She can easily trap enemies within walls and even attack them behind walls if they are hiding. As there are a lot of squishy in the mode, she can insanely deadly. But she is not a good choice if it’s an open map as you can easily get sniped hardcore with your low health by piper and brocks.


Control brawlers are always good in this mode, you can constantly chip the enemy team and keep them within spawn not allowing them to collect any bolts. She can also deal quite a bit of damage to the robot and also make it slow allowing your teammates to finish it before it reaches Ike turret. So overall shes a good choice for this mode.

Emz Mechanics By KAIROS TIME

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