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Ultimate Guide To El Primo

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El Primo, this fist-throwing rare Brawl Stars characters, has some interesting tricks up his sleeves. He is from the heavyweight class with high HP and deals a high amount of damage to his enemies. 

If you want to find out more about this deadly brawler, keep on reading!

Primary Attack

In order to become a pro player, it is essential to know about all his powers. His Main Attack, the ‘Fists of Fury’, is a series of fury-induced punches that can pierce through his enemies. He’s a close-range brawler, so he needs to be closer to his enemies to ensure maximum amount of damage. If he’s close to his enemies, then he can attack and damage multiple enemies all at once.


As his Super, he jumps from one spot to another designated spot using his elbow to land. When he lands, he deals a moderate amount of damage to the nearby enemies and knocks them back with the force of his landing. When he jumps and becomes airborne for some seconds before landing, he becomes immune to all kind of damage imparted on him. Due to the low damage-dealing abilities of his Super, it is mainly used for getting close to the enemies and get in their close range so that El Primo can use his chief attack to destroy his adversaries.

Star Powers

This incredible Star Power of El Primo enhances his Super by setting fire to his enemies. When he leaps, his enemies are lighted and end at the end of his leap, dealing 300 damage for every second and a total of 1200 damage for 4 seconds. 

His second Super ‘Meteor Rush’ allows him to gain speed by 25% for 4 seconds. After using his Super, his movement speed increases, and he can attack his enemies rapidly, effortlessly damaging them.


When El Primo attacks his enemies with his gadget named ‘Suplex Supplement’, he throws them over his head or over walls. He’s only allowed to activate this gadget when the enemy is in the 3 tile range. When he throws the opponents using his gadget, they fly 6 tiles away from their original position. His gadget is useless against brawlers who have their invulnerability shield up after they are respawned.

El Primo’s second gadget is astonishingly amazing. He summons a small meteor to do his bidding and sets them on his enemies. It deals a high amount of damage to his enemies of about 2000 and knocks them back with the blast. The target is dropped on his closest enemies and also possesses the power to break down obstacles.

Tips and Trick for Using El Primo in Game Modes

The ultimate guide to play El Primo in all game modes and shoot up to the top of the Brawl Stars Tier List include:

Gem Grab




Brawl Ball

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