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What Is Star Player in Brawl Stars And How To Become One?

If you have been playing Brawl Stars for a while, you may have noticed that after each battle (except Showdown one), there is always a played marked as “Star Player”.

So what is Star Player and how to become the Star Player, let’s take a look!

star player brawl stars

What is Star Player in Brawl Stars?

After every match, the Star Player badge is given to only one player. Who is the most important, the most valuable, the best player of the match.

It depends on a lot of factors to determine the best player of the match. But in general, players who did the most damage and kill will be the Star Player in Brawl Stars.

However, don’t forget that Brawl Stars is highly based on the teamwork. Your team would still lose the match If the teamwork is bad.

It is important to note both the winning team and the losing team can get the Star Player badge. Yes that’s right. Even If you are defeated, you still can get the Star Player badge. It is ‘the best player of the match’, not ‘the best player of the winning team’.

With that being said, whether you grab 15 Crystals in Gem Grab or you earn 7 stars at the end of a Bounty match, it is not guaranteed that you will get the Star Player badge.

star player

You don’t have to be on the Victory Team to become a Star Player!


How To Become A Star Player in Brawl Stars?

As mentioned above, The game picks the Star Player based on the damage you did, the kills you got, times you got killed and your assistance.

Just do not pay too much attention to this. Just do the best thing you can do in the game and have fun, that is the easiest way to become a Star Player.

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At the moment, getting Star Player in a match gives you one Star Token Star Token. By collecting 10 Star Token Star Tokens, you will unlock the Big Brawl Box:

big brawl box brawl stars

10 Star Tokens = 1 Big Brawl Box!

Just have fun and do the best you can! Try to be the MVP of the match, support your friends when they need you, don’t focus on stealing kills, always be ready to sacrifice yourself when needed.


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