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How to Unlock Mortis Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars UP Ultimate Player How To Unlock Motis

Mortis Brawl Stars is a Mythic Brawler who puts his enemies into their coffins by dashing right into them and swinging them with his shovel. As per his Super, he sends a cloud of bats to simultaneously heal himself and damage his enemies. 

His quick assassin level speed is what makes him so deadly in each game event, as he can use it to run away from the danger instantly. Using his amazing powers, anyone can defeat their opponents and be a great ally for their team. Here is how you can unlock Mortis Brawl Stars.

Mortis can be unlocked by using Brawl Boxes…

What is a Brawl Box?

In Brawl Stars, you get brawl boxes as a means of obtaining Brawlers and other valuable items. Brawl Boxes can be won as a reward on Trophy Road and Brawl Pass, or you can buy them from the Shop. One big brawl box is equal to three regular boxes, whereas a Mega box is equal to 10 regular boxes.


Brawl Boxes contain the following exciting items

Brawl Boxes rewards are based on draws. A brawl box has up to 3 items and one draw. Big Brawl Box has four items with three draws, and the Mega box has six items and ten draws. 


What Are the Chances of Getting Mortis Through A Brawl Box?

The chances of getting each item are fixed; however, getting a new Brawler depends on your luck value. The luck value of each player increases with the number of draws they get and decreases as they get new items and brawlers. 

After getting 30 draws, your luck value will increase by 0.0048%. The drop rate for each item and brawler is listed in the table below, Mortis being a Mythic Brawler will drop your luck value by 0.28%.

The lower the drop chance will be, the higher amount of draws you will need to guarantee that specific drop. 

ItemDrop Rate
Token Doubler3%
Rare Brawler2.6928%
Super Rare Brawler1.2096%
Epic Brawler0.5472%
Mythic Brawler0.2496%
Legendary Brawler0.1008%
Star Power1%

How Can I Get a Brawl Box for Free?

With Trophy Road

Once you start playing well and win every match, you will get trophies as a reward. The number of trophies you will get depends on your performance and the game mode. Getting a specific amount of trophies will get you a brawl box from Trophy Road.

With Brawl Pass

The brawl pass has replaced the previous progression system in which 100 tokens were used to get a Brawl Box and 10-star tokens for a Big Box. Now with brawl pass, you need to use tokens to unlock tiers to get Brawl Boxes, Gems, Power Points, etc. 

Ending Thoughts…

Once you get the hang of this game, unlocking new Brawl Stars characters and powers will not be as hard as it seems! Just remember the following factors because they will help you get all kinds of rewards: 


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