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Hidden Changes In The Latest Brawl Stars Update You Missed!


A couple of days ago the brawl stars dev team had released new balance Changes after the big Brawl Stars Update which was featured as an article. Now they have implemented new balance changes as emergency changes as they taught some of those were brutal like for Darryl.

We will see how it’ll affect the brawlers and another hidden change you guys are very likely to have missed.

Brawl Stars May update is finally here





Darryl change, I personally think he needed a nerf and a big one and I was happy to see him out of the meta if I can find him did they just remove him from the game. Oh, you guys remember how steel hoops now is 0.9 seconds and reduce 30% damage, it’s still 0.9 seconds. They’re making steel hoops damage reduction from 30 percent to 90 percent basically one second is not far off point one seconds away honey coat was a hundred percent damage reduction or invincibility shield it’s like a Rosa with her super. Rosa is seventy percent damage reduction and you can’t kill her so basically just think of invincibility shield for Darryl for 0.9 seconds.
Basically honey coat when it first came out cuz Darryl gets his super all the time this is gonna make him good again. I’m okay with him being okay but this is too far like this is gonna and yes it’s only 0.9  seconds but Darryl gets it multiple times in a game I think it’s way too much of not happy about this Daryl change. I do cuz Daryl’s been a meta brawler for so long it’s like I was happy when he wasn’t a top-five brawler I mean he’s still okay,  still good and now I think this is gonna make them like a really really good brawler now, but he’s gonna be able to be that annoying little a brawler where he doesn’t die in brawl stars in Bravo I don’t think he’s gonna be as dominant as he was with that 2.5-second damage reduction but it’s still gonna be annoying I didn’t think he needed an emergency buff but that’s what I can say because that’s what this feels like to me emergency balances and that’s not two other ones around here as well.


When 8-bits dies with extra life they’re giving him one ammo bar left cuz right now he dies no shield, no ammo. He’s a sitting there getting ready to be killed and it sucks so at least giving him one ammo. It’ll allow him to maybe finish off a brawler maybe gonna have a tough situation so at least it’ll have some uses but I don’t think one ammo is like over the top by any means. I’m ok with it plus he is the best showdown brawler in the game, being honest here he didn’t have a single ammo and no invincibility shield literally extra life was like useless very rarely you want spin2win bro you want to spend away get that guy you’re my virus, no you just trapped yourself here.
I’ll spin to it ok well spin to other brawlers to get you out of here ok ok you’re good. This is definitely a good change in terms of how 8 bit was already so good in the mode. He could now immediately use the one ammo with this insane damage per second to melt any brawlers especially at the time of showdown when its between you and one more enemy. The change is only gonna affect showdown gameplay especially when you are in an actual showdown with only one enemy brawler left.


Alright, Poco was insanely as a support brawler but definitely not as a standalone high damage brawler. He barely does any damage which actually dares anyone to 1v1 him and win very easily. This change will not be a very big deal as its just been decreased from 800 to 700, which means he will still be a great support brawler. The only better change the brawl team could have made is to increase his damage per second and decrease his Da capo a little bit more.

Overall Poco was a bad choice in almost all modes, even in gem grab because of prevalent tanks everywhere. This change is just gonna make him underwhelming especially because of ranged attackers. Now you could still use him for gem grab if you want to have fun playing. He still a great option but he’s just not as strong as he used to be…


This is some massive improvements to the top of the ladder if you guys are ones that try to grind and push your trophies. This is really exciting right here as you’ll notice here up to 650 trophies and kind of like 699 you’re basically gonna lose 25 trophies at the end of the season instead of 75. Up to 800 trophies, you’re going to lose 50 instead of a hundred 50 and up to 950 mark right here see this 300 star point reward you’re going to only lose a seventy five trophies per season instead of the 225 that you would basically we’re going to retain three times more trophies with each season reset now from 1,000 trophies and you’re going to lose an additional 25 on top of the 225 for every 50 trophies that you climb but that’s still significantly better and heavy pushers are gonna end up facing off against heavier pushers more frequently and I am all about these easier goals to achieve so like rather than just trying to get like 550 or 600 trophies each season.
I’m actually gonna start trying to push all my brawlers to 650 every single season so I can really reap those rewards look at that 160-star points for every single brawler each season. That’s a 5,280 star points every season and I’m only going to be losing 25 trophies so each once I get out to that point it’s gonna be super easy to maintain that and just kind of like keep that going so I’m really excited about that.
These were the hidden changes which brawl stars had not announced publicly, that’s all for now.
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