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Who is the Rarest of All Brawl Stars Characters?

The rarest of all Brawl Stars characters is Darryl who uses double-barrel shotguns that do a great deal of damage on close-ranged enemies. His unique abilities and features make him a super rare brawler. Let’s check them out in this Darryl brawl stars guide!

Rarest of all Brawl Stars Characters: Darryl

Double Deuce Attack

Darryl Brawl Stars Characters

Darryl can fire 10 shells in 2 waves from his dual shotguns that can deal medium to high damage to the opponents. Although this attack has a pretty short range, it does the job and takes around 0.8 seconds to complete. 

Barrel Roll Super

His super allows him to roll rapidly, bouncing off walls or piercing through multiple enemies in a single roll. His Super automatically charges in 30 seconds, giving him another unique advantage that most brawlers don’t have.

Ultimate Guide to Using Darryl (20+ Tips Included)

Darryl’s Gadgets

He can unload 15 quick single-shelled shots while spinning in a circle. Each shell can deal damage of 400 with 9-tiles range. Whenever a shell hits his enemy, Darryl’s Super gets 25% charged. However, this gadget does not affect Darryl’s movement.

Darryl Brawl Stars Characters

With this gadget, Darryl can emit a 2.67 tiles radium slowing tar wave from each direction. The radius is not that huge, but it moves along with him. It lasts for around 5 seconds and can be used along with his super, and he can still move while using it. 

Darryl’s Star Power

When Darryl uses his Super, he gets a shield that reduces his damage by 90%. It provides him with a safe exit in dangerous situations, and he can easily roll into his enemies and attack them.

This star power lets Darryl double the reload speed for 5 seconds, and it also gives him a slightly redefined and larger appearance. 

Strategies to use with Darryl

Darryl Brawl Stars

Although he is one of the rarest Brawl Stars characters of Brawl Stars, you can still find him and use his amazing powers to beat the enemies! I hope that this brawl stars guide has helped you understanding Darryl’s unique abilities.


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