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Brawl Stars is a multiplayer battle game where you can play solo, jump on the battlefield, or have a battle with your friends. This game has a huge variety of game modes, and to play those, you need to choose Brawl Stars characters. There are currently 44 Brawl Stars Brawlers that you can choose from, and all of them are divided into groups according to their powers and unlocking difficulty. We will take you through each one of them one by one.  

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Common Brawl Stars Characters Brawlers

These Brawlers are also known as ‘Trophy Road’ or ‘Starting Brawlers’. They are called common Brawlers because they are most commonly used and the easiest to get. There are a total of 12 Brawl Stars Characters in this category, with the addition of a new upcoming character called ‘Stu’

Colt and Shelly are the two best Brawlers in this category; they can both be great teammates in most game modes. If you are a beginner, you will get Shelly as your default brawler, and once you start to play, you will gradually unlock the other common Brawlers from Trophy Road. 

Rare Brawlers

There are four Brawl Stars Characters in this category, and they are not as easy to unlock as common Brawlers are. Rosa and El Primo, both are heavyweight Brawlers and give their enemies a tough time with their boxing and punching skills. On the other hand, Poco and Barley both have a unique way of attacking their enemies and catching them off guard, making them unpredictable and dangerous. 

Super Rare Brawlers

These Brawl Stars Brawlers are very rare and most difficult to unlock. They are mostly found through Brawl Boxes. Super Rare Brawlers are known for their heavyweight and sharpshooting skills. During the match, they can easily take out their enemies with their high damage attacks. 

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The best Super Rare Brawler is Carl, he has high health, and his attacks are long-ranged, making him a great ally to have in any game mode. Carl has a mechanical attack and throws his Pickaxe onto his enemies like a Boomerang and finishing them off. If you are playing Gem Grab or Bounty, Carl can be a great Brawl Stars brawler for these modes. 

Brawl Stars CharactersEpic Brawlers

As the name suggests, it is a group of epic Brawl Stars Brawlers who are super fun to play and equally competitive during the battle. They are one of the most complicated intermediate characters to get and one of the strongest team of Brawlers. 

Even though Piper has low health, her sniper shots make her one of the best characters out of all the six epic Brawlers. Her attack becomes more deadly as it travels, and she can pop grenades on her enemies while escaping from them at the same time. 

Mythic Brawlers

These Brawl Stars Brawlers are mythical creatures and the most talked about. Their powers and attacks are a mystery of their own. They have incredible healing powers and not just for themselves but for their teammates as well. 

One of the most dangerous Brawl Stars Characters is Mortis. Every Brawler is afraid of his deadly shovel and swarm of bats as he is known for sending his opponents back to their grave. As Mortis rushes forward, he deals high damage to the Brawler he hits. Once he successfully finishes off one enemy, he can heal himself to regain all the lost health.

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Brawl Stars CharactersLegendary Brawlers

Legendary Brawlers are the most desired and powerful Brawl Stars Brawlers in the game. Their unique brawl stats and powers make everyone wants to have one. If you look at the tier list, they are always on the top and extremely strong during the battles. You can get them from the Brawl Boxes, and it is not easy to find them. 

In the beginning, we had only two Legendary Brawlers, i.e., Crow and Spike. Spike was the best one but then came Leon and took first place due to his exceptional skills. Spike and Leon are playable in all the game events, but they excel in Brawl Ball, Showdown, Bounty and Gem Grab. Leon can turn invisible in front of his enemies, whereas Spike can attack grouped enemies; if they both are on your team during a match, then no one can stop you from winning. 

Chromatic brawl stars characters shouldn't be before legendary brawlers. a) they are less  expensive if bought, b) they will be "rare" after some seasons. : Brawlstars

Brawl Stars CharactersChromatic Brawlers

Chromatic Brawlers are the most recent category revealed in the game. What makes them unique is that their drop rate keeps increasing over time, so they will be easy to unlock. Instead of purchasing them like other Legendary Brawlers, you can simply get them as a bonus when buying a Brawl pass. 

One of the recent addition is Colonel Ruffs, who was revealed in the 2021 update. He can deal a good amount of damage on his opponents and has a fast reload speed that makes him a great Brawl Stars Characters to have during the battles, such as ‘Showdown’ and ‘Bounty’. When he is under attack, he can easily dodge off all the non-piercing enemy fires by using his gadget called ‘Take Cover.’

Out of all of these Brawl Stars Characters, which one do you enjoy playing the most? Also, how many of these you have unlocked till now, Do let us know! 


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