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Insider View Of Crow vs All Brawl Stars Characters

Crow Vs Every Brawl Stars Character

Crow is a famous legendary Brawler and one of the more popular Brawl Stars Characters — Crow Brawl Stars, is a force to be reckoned with!

Let’s see what happens when he goes against every Brawl Stars Character!

Crow Brawl Stars poisons his enemies using three long daggers as his primary attack. This poison inflicts severe damage on his enemies and reduces their health over time. His Star Power and Super provide him with similar advantages where he leaves his opponents scarce of health or healing abilities.

Crow Strengths – Brawl Stars Characters

Despite having some weaknesses, his strengths still outweigh them and make him an awesome Brawl Stars Character! Crow’s strengths include:

Crow Weaknesses – Brawl Stars Characters

Some of the weaknesses that Crow possesses are:

Challenging All Brawl Stars Characters

Let’s challenge the other Brawl Stars Characters!

Crow vs Spike 

Legendary vs legendary, who will top against each other!

They both specialize in different areas, so what will happen when these two collide? Crow is a long-range Brawler, and Spike deals with enemies who are grouped together, but he is also a long-ranged Brawler making them both specialists when it comes to heists and sieges.

When Crow Brawl Stars and Spike challenge each other, Crow has a good chance of winning against Spikes’ attacks by dodging them. Similarly, Spike can also win by evading Crow’s laser shots.

Crow vs Mortis

What happens when a legendary Brawl Stars Character collides with a mythic Brawler?

Crow Brawl Stars is a long-ranged Brawler. On the contrary, Mortis is a short-ranged Brawler. In order to win against each other, Crow will have to aim his shots well at Mortis, and Mortis would have to dodge his shots to get close to Crow and use his plan of attack.

Crow vs Stu 

A common Brawler opposite a legendary Brawler! Who will be victorious?

Stu is a new Brawl Stars Character who is fast and attacks two flame shots at his enemies as his main attack. While Crow has the advantage of being in the air, his advantage gets canceled out by Stu’s speed rate, making them an equal match for each other. A well-timed shot between them will make one of them successful in defeating the other!

Crow vs Lou

Crow Brawl Stars, a legendary Brawler going one-on-one against a chromatic Brawler, Lou, who will win?

Both are equal to each other! Crow’s laser shots render his opponents low on health, and Lou’s snow cone shots render his opponents damaged. They both will have to shoot the other for a chance for any one of them to be successful!

Crow vs El Primo

Opposites on opposite sides! A legendary Brawler and a rare Brawler at different sides of the battlefield!

El Primo is a short-ranged Brawler, whereas Crow Brawl Stars is a long-ranged Brawler. In order to succeed, Crow will be required to shoot his laser shots with precision to hit El Primo. Similarly, El Primo will have to evade all the shots fired by Crow to get close and use his fists as the attacking measures!

Share your thoughts on Crow and other Brawl Stars Characters

Who do you think will win against each other and come on top? Comment down below and tell us your opinion and take on the fights between Brawlers!


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