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Hello fellow brawlers! It is time to talk about Crow’s newest gadget and star power. Now we’re gonna break down Crow’s newest gadget coming in a few days and we’re also going to break down Crow’s original gadget and both of Crow’s star power. Then I’m gonna rank them all and talk about the best build for Crow Brawl Stars.


In other words the best gadget and star power for Crow that is most worth saving your gold for. I know brawler build is not complete without talking about their best skin so we’ll be ranking those as well. If you like this article make sure you hit the like button which I don’t only ask people to do but also make sure you read till the end of the article because if it does well I’m gonna be doing similar articles like this one for the next 9 gadgets that are going to be released over the next 10 weeks.

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Crow’s second gadget, Slowing Toxin, 3 uses per match. When Crow uses this ability all currently poisoned enemies are slowed and the green poison effect on them like overrules the blue slowdown effect it’s a little stay green if there continue to be poison. But you’ll actually see little blue slow down arrow so that you know that they are slowed and of course they’re also going to be slowed so it’s gonna be pretty obvious now Crow’s gadget slow is a bit shorter than most other slows in the game.


Emz’s super is the longest of 5 seconds. Spike’s super and Barley’s gadget have a slow of 4 seconds of super and Jessie’s got to have a slow of 3 seconds while Crow’s gadget is the shortest slow duration at 2.5 seconds. This doesn’t mean that it’s the worst slow though while all of those other slows are limited by certain locations Crow’s slow has a much larger potential range and can be easily used to slow multiple targets by quickly poisoning three enemies in three separate locations and then activating his gadget to slow them no matter where they are.

And that slow might be all that your team needs to quickly take out a couple of enemy players it also might be what Crow needs to escape an enemy we’re going to chase someone down for the kill.


Now let’s break down Crow’s first gadget, as well as his other star powers, and then I’m gonna rank them and talk about his best build.


Crow’s first gadget defense booster two times per match. Crow shields 60% of incoming damage for 3 seconds this is an extremely strong shield. Most other brawlers that have a shield ability have a shield of 30% and that was actually down from 40% because it was too strong at 40%.

With a 60% shield, Crow goes from being able to receive 30060 damaged before dying to surviving up to 8400 damage in three seconds. Very few brawlers are able to burst that kind of health down in three seconds unless they already have a supercharged which is what makes this gadget incredibly strong in 1v1 situations. This is a big reason why it can only be used at two times per match.


Crows first star power extra toxic. With this star power enemies who are poisoned deal 20% less damage this includes against crow against crows teammates or even against other enemies in a showdown situation. Obviously this doesn’t act like a shield but if the Crow is facing an enemy who is poisoned with his star power, Crow survivability increases by 20% because they need to deal more damage to take him out so in a way this is like a 20% shield for Crow which means that it’s like Crow’s HP increases from 3360 to 4,200 when crow is facing a poisoned enemy.

I know that might not sound like a lot but that means that 19 of the 38 brawlers would require one more ammo to take Crow out in a 1v1 situation that is half of the brawler’s requiring one more ammo to take Crow out which is crazy good.

What’s really cool about this ability is that it doesn’t just last three seconds it will last as long as they are poison and it benefits teammates as well which is why this is such good star power.


Crow’s second star power carrion crow. With this power crow deals an additional 120 damage with his attack and super two targets that are at half health or lower. You’ll know if they are below half health because their HP bars will turn pink for you now the way that the damage is applied is a little bit confusing. Now let’s say an enemy is above 50% but crow hits them with one attack that has 3 daggers worth of damage and one of the daggers is all that is needed for that brawler to get below 50%.

In that situation, that first dagger would not apply the additional damage but the other two would apply the additional damage as well as the poison that would last afterwards. Now if poison gets a target below 50% the remaining takes a poison will just be normal but if poison is applied to a target below 50% each tick of poison will deal an additional 30 damage as well.

What this means is that if a target is below 50% and crow hits them with one complete attack you’ll deal an additional 120 for each of the three daggers and another 120 for the poison which means an additional total of 480 damage that is a 27% buff to crows damage which is very significant.

Now I know that this isn’t exactly how it works out but I like to view this starpower is like a 13% buff to his attack damage because it’s applied to 50% of the health. It’s not exactly how it works out but you guys get the idea even then though 13% that is a significant increase in damage and could very well be all that Crow needs to finish off an important target.


Now we’re gonna go ahead and compare Crow’s to gadgets against each other and Crow’s star powers against each other, then we’re gonna talk about skins then I’m gonna give you my recommendation for the ultimate Crow build.

When it comes to Crow’s gadgets I think the distinction of when you want to use each one is pretty clear. Defense booster is the much better choice in a 1v1 situation or in showdown were staying alive is so important you can use it to super on to nearly any target and take them out unscathed and that makes it super deadly.

There is the argument that it can only be used two times per match while the slowing toxin can be used three times per match but I think in a 1v1 situation or in solo showdown defense booster is the best gadget to use. That doesn’t mean that slowing toxin is bad though in fact, I think that slowing toxin is the better gadget to use in any other mode than showdown.

Most of the time defense booster could be better in Gem Grab if Crow wants to like swoop in and kill a gem carrier and then swoop on out but even then being able to use a slowing toxin on a gem carrier in a teamfight would most likely kill them as well.

But the strength in slowing toxin is that it can be used to slow multiple targets at once and they were also very far away from each other which will allow Crow and his teammates to take them out very easily and the fact that crow can use it two times per match makes it a little bit more consistent. I think that defense booster and slowing toxin are at both A tier gadgets.

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But I’m gonna talk about which one I think is the best if you had to pick between the two. Crow’s best build, when it comes to crow star power which one is better isn’t so obvious and the reason why is, because people see the effect of carrion crow much more clearly than they see the effect of extra toxic the enemy health bar decreases and it’s a clear indicator of the benefit of the starpower whereas with extra toxic it’s harder to tell that it’s providing value because most players don’t actually have all the 1v1 interactions memorized.

In my opinion, though extra toxic is definitely the better star power in most situations even in bounty or showdown where people typically try to get kills it’s actually better for you to survive than it is for you to get a kill and 20% damage reduction against all enemies is a huge benefit over increased damage. Only after an enemy is below 50% carrion crow is a solid star power it’s A tier in my opinion and it’s really good in some situations but extra toxic is an S tier star power and is good for teamfights as well as 1v1 situations.


As for the best gadget and star power that you’re gonna want to use it’s gonna depend on the mode that you’re playing. I think that Crow’s slowing toxin gadget and extra toxic star power is better for 3v3 modes where you’re more likely to have a teamfights. In these modes crow can reduce the enemy team’s damage by keeping them all poisoned as frequently as possible and when the team has an opportunity to get some kills you can activate slowing toxin to make it so that the enemy is an easy target for everyone to just Auto aim on.

But in solo and duo showdown I absolutely think that the best Crow build is with his defense booster gadget with his extra toxic star power. When these two abilities are paired with each other Crow is nearly unkillable if an enemy deals 20% less damage because of extra toxic and Crow uses his defense booster to decrease damage by 60% in a way it’s kind of like Crow has 10500 health. Which is crazy hard to get rid of in three seconds.


This combo can be used as like an ultimate defense for Crow if he’s in a really tough situation or it can be used to get a kill with very little risk and then of course there’s no harder flex and then using this ability on the last surviving enemy because they’re gonna have to have a lot of power cubes. If they’re gonna be able to take you out now what if you can only choose between one star power and one gadget obviously you should go for the extra toxic star power.

But as for Crow’s gadgets I think that you’d be better off going for his defense booster gadget it’s not really ideal for 3v3 modes but Crow is not actually very good at 3v3 modes anyway and it still actually really solid combo Crow is best played in showdown and that’s where you should be pushing him most of the time which is why I recommend the defense booster gadget. I’m actually really curious to see is the slowing toxic gadget makes it so that crows a little bit better in some of the 3v3 modes but even if he does become a little bit more viable I highly doubt it’s going to make him a competitive adoption.


And of course no brawler build is complete without talking about the past skins. This is actually really tough to decide with Crow because of his recent remodel. I obviously loved his base skin but that’s by far the least exciting out of all of his skins it did get a really cool remodel and as far as the base models go, it’s one of my favorites but it’s simply not as cool as Crow’s other skins.

Next, I actually think is Mecha Crow it’s really cool it’s certainly one of my favorite skins but there’s a reason why so few people actually buy, it costs 300 gems and you can just get Night Mecha Crow with star points that is like basically the same and some people will even argue that Night Mecha Crow looks even cooler than regular Mecha Crow and it’s actually kind of funny because I’m gonna be ranking this 300 gem skin as less than White Crow which costs 80 gems.

White Crow looks super incredible it is so much better than it used to be and in terms of value for your gems this is, in my opinion, one of the best 80 gem skins out there now I think that a lot of people are going to be rocking white crow for the next while because it’s new and exciting but I think that Night Mecha Crow is actually a cooler skin this color scheme is so epic looking. And it’s actually pretty easy to unlock if you save up your star points for it.

Now for the last two skins, it was really difficult for me to decide between Phoenix Crow and Gold Mecca Crow but I do think that next is Phoenix Crow this skin is so cool it was with the first 300 gem skin and in a way, it kind of like revolutionized the quality of skins at Supercell. This is going to always be one of my absolute favorite games of all time because of its part of particle effects and also just the quality of the skin overall. But I do think that the best skin for Crow is a Gold Mecha Crow this skin is the ultimate flex.

It costs 50,000 star points which means that you have to be a long-term player and actively play the game a lot in order to unlock it it looks super cool. It shows off your long-term dedication of the game and for a lot of people, it’s also a symbol of the player’s skill it’s also one of the rarest skins in the game which adds to its value.


So this is Crow’s ultimate build. Gold Mecca Crow, defense booster gadget, extra toxic star power. Let me know in the comment section if you guys disagree at all. I am very curious to see what you think about the format of this article so please let me know if this is something that you would like me to do for the rest of the gadget being released over the next 10 weeks.

I love talking about this type of stuff but if the article does poorly I just can’t justify doing it for future new gadgets so if you like it then share it with your friends like the article tell me in the comment section. Don’t forget to subscribe for more news. Until next time. Peace!




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