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How to Counter Long Range Brawlers – Pro Player Tips

You know when you are playing Shelly and you just hope that Colt doesn’t see you and start bursting you down…

Well, I’m going to give you some of the best Brawlers tips and tricks I have assembled, from research and playing the game.

counter long range brawlers

How to Counter Long Range Brawlers – Part I

Brawl Stars Colt


Colt shoots a burst of shots, these bullets don’t do a ton of damage. Which means whoever is playing the Colt is going to try to hit you with every bullet they can. That being said what you are trying to do is avoid all of the bullets, or at least most of them to minimize the damage the colt can deal to you.

There are a few ways to do this, one figure out if the user is good at leading with Colt, if so constantly change the direction you are moving. And remember that once Colt starts firing he has to fire the rest of his shots in that direction so it should be pretty easy to dodge his attacks.

Now defeating Colt can also be pretty simple if you know what your doing. After you have dodged his shots you can quickly retaliate with a counter attack. Colt doesn’t have the most health so if you play him well he should be pretty easy to defeat.

Brawl Stars Brock


Brock’s rocket launcher has a very long range. And his rockets do a lot of damage. However, his shots can be avoided if you think ahead a little bit.

The best strategy for countering Brock is something called BaitingBaiting is trying to get the Brawler to waste their shots.

You can do this by peeking out behind and then quickly pulling back again. Or by simply moving in one direction and then quickly moving in the other thus Baiting them to waste their shots.

Brock is one of the easiest brawlers to dodge, thus making him an easy brawler to counter. Try to make him use all his shots, while dodging all of them. Then you can quickly retaliate.

Brawl Stars Bo


Bo is not the most accurate brawler, making him easier to dodge.

But what you need to watch for when you are being attacked by a Bo is whether the user is using Bo for a spread shot or accuracy.

With Bo, you can either shoot it for accuracy or for spread shots, this is done by either moving to the left or the right. It is very easy to dodge most of Bo’s shots IF he is trying to shoot with accuracy, but if the user is shooting for spread then one of his bolts will most likely hit you if you are within his radius.

Bo can be easy or hard to counter depending on the skill level of the player. Generally players who use Bo try to burst down there opponents quickly much like Colt. Like I said in the paragraphs above Bo can pretty easily be dodged. After You dodge him try to quickly take him down, you don’t want to recharge his shots.

Brawl Stars Jessie


The hard thing about dodging Jessie’s shots is that her shots are huge!

But what you have going for you is that her shot is really slow…

So if you see her getting in position to shoot, get out of the way… And fire back as quickly as you can.

Brawl Stars Penny


Penny is actually not that great of a long range brawler.

But what Penny has going for her is that if she hits someone with one of her “gold pouches” then the pouch explodes creating shrapnel which can hit you and do the same amount of damage to your brawler.

How do you counter this? you may be asking. Well, when you see a Penny around try not to be behind any other brawlers… And take her down, she doesn’t do a ton of damage so you should hopefully be able to take her take her down.

To be continued…



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