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What You Need To Know About Carl Brawl Stars Character


Carl, the pickaxe-throwing super rare brawler, is here to take on the show!

Today, we are going to tell you all about Carl, his basic stats, how to use him and strategies to use in different game modes.

Basic Stats of Carl Brawl Stars Character

RaritySuper Rare
Normal Attack Range7.33 (long)
Super Attack Range2.33
Super Duration3 seconds
Movement Speed720 (normal)1440 (super)

Attacks of Carl Brawl Stars Character

We should learn some techniques from Carl; he throws his trusty pickaxe like a boomerang and causes damage to multiple enemy brawlers at once! In addition, the pickaxe damages enemy Brawl Stars characters while flying forward as well as when it’s returning back to Carl!

The Tailspin, his Super, increases his movement speed and lets him spin his pickaxe around. This way, he deals damage to all nearby enemies every 0.25 secs. Thus, the speed of his Super is doubled as compared to his normal speed.

Carl’s Star Powers

When Carl activates this Star Power, the speed of his main attack gets doubles. And when he flings his axe, it goes faster as well as comes back faster. The cooldown of the attack is also influenced by his Super. It gets reduced, making it easier for Carl to utilize walls.

By using this Star Power, for the entire time span of his super, Carl can shield himself from external damage and reduce it by 35%.

Gadgets of Carl Brawl Stars Character

Carl leaves hot rocks in his wake by activating this gadget. These hot rocks set fire to the enemies that touch them and deal 1200 worth of damage to them!

When this gadget is activated, and Carl uses his main attack to projectile his pickaxe attack, the pickaxe only goes forward, and instead of returning back to Carl’s hand, it makes him travel to the farthest place it travelled, making it effortless for Carl to cover long distances and go over lakes and rope fences.

Tips To Use Carl

Some tips on how to efficiently use Carl are:

Strategies to Use Carl Brawl Stars Character in Different Game Modes

Some useful strategies that will help you score your place in the Brawl Stars Tier List are:

Use our tips and basic game strategies the next time you use Carl in Brawl Stars, and we’re sure that you will be in the top three of the Brawl Stars Tier list!

Best Game Modes for Carl (15+ Tips Included)



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