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We love all the brawlers in Brawl Stars and its creators; Supercell also keeps surprising us and making us happy by upgrading our favourite game. 

Today I’m going to tell you all about my favorite Brawlers who are at the top of my Brawl Stars Tier list!

These Brawl Stars Characters include:

Byron Brawl Stars

Our super intelligent mythical scientist brawler was recently introduced to the Brawl Stars family on December 16th, 2020. But he gained fame quite quickly due to his poisoning-assassin ways that defeated his enemies efficiently, giving him the S Tier list of the Brawl Stars Tier list.

Byron is a deadly assassin with mad scientist skills. He throws a poisonous dart at his enemies that work over time and keeps causing them slow damage that eventually defeats them.

He also has a vial as his Super that heal him and his teammates. Alternatively, he causes a high amount of damage to his enemies!

Since the addition of this powerful brawler to Brawl Stars, his character was constantly updated afterward. His recent update on April 7th, 2021 decreased the damage and healing abilities of Byron’s main attack and increased his Super charge to 10!

Spike Brawl Stars

Our innocent-looking legendary plant brawler has been with Brawl Stars since the start. You can unlock him from the Brawl shop and use him in your game modes. This cute brawler may look like he can do nothing but get him on the battlefield and see him take down big brawlers!

As the great cactus he is, he also has many skills under his belt! As his Primary Attack, Spike Brawl Sars throws a cactus grenade at his enemies, causing them damage, and the grenade explodes on contact and sends out six smaller spikes at his enemies.

His Super is also quite helpful. He throws a circular patched grenade that traps his enemies and lowers their movement speed significantly, as well as inflicts a high amount of damage!

Since the start, Brawl Stars characters keep updating from time to time. His most recent updates include:

How awesome are these updates!

Mortis Brawl Stars 

Our deadly mythic vampire brawler, Mortis Brawl Stars, has been a part of Brawl Stars since the start. He gets unlocked for players through the Brawl boxes or they can unlock him through the Brawl shop after completing some levels. This vampire brawler has made his name in our hearts by knocking back brawlers with his trusty tools!

This dangerous assassin brawler has acquired many skills. Mortis Brawl Stars uses his lethal axe to knock back enemy brawlers and reach the top of the Brawl Tier list by paving his way through.

Using his Super, he summons a coven of vampire bats to do his bidding and damage his adversaries for him. Together with his bats Mortis Brawl Stars is a force to be reckoned with!

Mortis’ players are very fond of him, and as soon as he gets updated, they get very excited! His recent updates include:

I hope you love these Brawl Stars characters as much as I do and use them in your next battle!

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