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Brawlers Guide – Which Brawler Should You Pick?

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Having trouble starting out in Brawl Stars and don’t know which brawler to choose? Let’s give you a rundown on how you can pick the best brawler for yourself. 

The best Brawl Stars characters to use are usually the ones that Brawl Stars players put in their Brawl Stars Tier List. But those players are usually pro players and know their way around the battlefield using the S Tier List brawler of the List.

Brawl Stars Tips on Picking the Right Brawler

To pick the right brawler, you should look at his Primary Attack, Super and Star Powers, as well as his Gadgets. There are several game modes, and not all brawlers are good in every game mode. To pick the best brawler for yourself according to the game mode, you should:

Let’s take the example of Darryl Brawl Stars!


To find out if we can win using this deadly, super rare brawler in any game modes, let’s assess his character.

His Attack

As his primary attack Double Deuce, Darryl Brawl Stars uses his shotgun and two waves to fire 10 shells that render his enemies with high to medium damage causing the most damage at close range when fired at point-blank.


Darryl Brawl Stars is a close-ranged brawler whose attack causes the most damage at a close range and medium damage at mid to long-range.

Super and Star Power

As his Super Barrel Roll, Darryl barrel rolls towards his enemies at a very high speed and causes damage to his enemies by rolling over them and bouncing off walls.

His Star Powers are also super cool. One of his Star Powers envelops him in a shield while he’s using his Super and protects him from 90% damage from his enemies.

His other Super increases his reload time by 5 seconds after his Super ends making him more deadly!


Darryl has some super cool Gadgets, one of his gadgets, the Recoiling Rotator, allows him to rotate in a circular motion and fire 15 shots, damaging his enemies moderately!

His other gadget, the Tar Barrel, permits him to release a tar wave that slows his surroundings, making it easier for Darryl to defeat his opponents!

Best Game Modes for Darryl Brawl Stars

According to the above study and powers of Darryl, we can say that he’s a deadly brawler who can effortlessly defeat his enemies at close range, so the best game modes for Darryl Brawl Stars are:

He can also be used in all the other game modes, but the best gaming experience with Darryl will be in these game modes.

We hope that these Brawl Stars Tips will help you identify the best brawler for you, and then you can make your own Brawl Stars Tier List!

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