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The Best Tier List Rating Of All Brawl Stars Characters!


This guide is not a power ranking or how-to article. It’s more about how hard it is to use different Brawl Stars Characters and if or not you can consider using them as your main and also how good right now in the current meta.

All Brawl Stars Characters


Shelly: 1 Star.

She is the starting brawler so she isn’t very difficult to use. Her Super chaining can be a little tricky at first, but it is very easy to learn quickly.

Colt: 3 Stars.

This was really tricky, it was either 3 or 2 stars. However, I went with 3 as Colt shots can be very hard to hit and learn and you need to know how to break walls/bush effectively. Colt is definitely devastating in the hands of the right player, however, he can be a detriment to your team if the player does not know how to play him.

Nita: 1 Star.

The only thing that you need to learn with Nita is attacking around walls and where to place your Bear.

Bull: 2 Star.

This might be controversial, but Bull can be difficult to play. It can be hard to get close to enemies and be effective, as if Bull is not near his target, he deals no damage. His high hp and hitbox give enemies a chance to charge their supers, so good bull players have to find a way to play around this weakness. Also using his super correctly is so hard, especially when you can’t cancel it. One way to describe Bull is he has a low skill floor and a high skill ceiling.

Jessie: 1 star.

She is very beginner-friendly and she basically teaches the fundamentals of positioning.

Brock: 3 stars.

First of all, aiming with Brock is not easy. His shots are basically a way slower version of Piper’s, so you need to do a lot of predicting. Brock’s super is also not easy to hit consistently as well. Most people who play Brock only hit 1 or 2 rockets from his super, which is not a good use of his super at all. You need to know the pattern of his super, when to break walls, how to use incendiary etc.

Dynamike: 3 Stars.

No explanation needed here. 1 tip is Dynamike synergize very well with slow brawlers such as Shelly with shell shocked, EMZ, Spike, Bea, etc. It helps him land more shots.

Bo: 2 stars.

Like Bull, Bo has a low skill floor and a high skill ceiling. You can see the difference between a good Bo and a bad Bo. You need to know how to aim with Bo and you need to understand that he has 2 settings, Accurate shots where you need to strafe Left and Spread Shot (used to check bushes) where you need to strafe right. Second, the position of his mines. A lot of people who play Bo just place it wherever (such as near their own goals where their own WALLS are present), but good players place it strategically such as choke points, or behind the enemy to hinder their escape.

Tick: 1 star.

Just spam bombs. For Tick, you need to know that his super can knock back enemies, which sort of stuns them for like a millisecond. Even if this is really quick, you can use this to your advantage and place a bunch of bombs behind them where they are knocked back. Also with Tick head, you can cancel Brock, Colt, Frank, etc supers. I wish there was a feature where you can detonate ticks head early to break any walls around him, this would make him not need enemy brawlers to break walls.

8-Bit: 1 star.

People say that 8-bit is hard because of his speed, but you are supposed to play safe and behind your teammates, as you have long-range. Yes, his speed can be annoying and hard to work with, but it can easily be learned. One cool thing you can do with 8-bit is if there’s an enemy Piper, Bea, Colt, etc, and your teammate is struggling on the side lane, you can throw you super in front of them so your turret can tank some shots. If you timing this perfectly, you could come in clutch and save your teammate’s life Plus your teammate gets a damage boost. But don’t do this if the enemy is Penny otherwise you’re trolling.

EMZ: 1 star.

You just need to know some positioning. A lot of mistakes I see players make is they WASTE her super. So many people make this mistake. Her super is so valuable, it provides damage and slow. Basically a Spike super but bigger. Coach Cory put EMZ super last as the worst super, but I strongly disagree. To help land her super and get 3 people in it, try hiding in a bush, so they don’t see you aiming you super.

El Primo: 1 star.

Just learn to chain supers and belly flop the enemy team.

Barley: 1 star.

Barley is the easiest thrower to play in the game and he is very intuitive. His 1st-star power has a lot of outplay potential, so make sure you are using it to it’s fullest.

Poco: 1 Star.

Poco is a brawler where you need to keep your eyes on your teammates, especially if you are using Da capo. You also need to know your super charges in 5 hits. Imagine that you are playing guitar when playing with Poco, just swipe and rock out.

Rosa: 1 star.

If I could, I would give Rosa 0 stars. She has little to no weaknesses and I would give her a range nerf. Anyways she’s really easy to play and quite powerful.

Rico: 2 Stars.

His bounce shots make it pretty easy to land your shots and can really really good for poking. His bounce shots can be hard to learn. Always satisfying to shish kabob the whole enemy team with you’re super.

Darryl: 1 star.

Before Darryl was OP, everyone used to say Darryl was a hard brawler to play. I have always disagreed with this statement, and now that Darryl is OP only solidified my opinion.

Penny: 1 star.

Like Jessie, learn to position yourself, because your shots can have a massive impact on the game. For her turret just place it in a safe spot.

Carl: 3 stars.

Even though Carl is really strong, he is a pretty difficult brawler to play. You need to use the boomerang mechanic to it’s fullest potential, by bouncing it off walls, you need to know how he reloads, you need to learn how to attack around walls. His shot without his first-star power can be pretty difficult to land from afar. His super is very good and has a ton of outplay potential, but only if you use it right, otherwise it will hurt you rather than help you. Dodging shots with Carl is very important too.

Piper: 2 stars.

She is basically an easier version of Brock. Just know how to aim her shots and know when to use her super. Also positioning is key with Piper, something Brock doesn’t really have to worry about as much.

Pam: 1 star.

Just learn to position her turret well and shoot straight.

Bibi: 1 Star.

This one might be up for debate, but personally, I don’t find Bibi that difficult. Just run down people and be a bully. Her super is so great on tight maps. One misconception with Bibi is she is NOT an Assassin! I don’t know why people believe this maybe it’s because of the way she looks? She cannot quickly burst down a brawler, her swing delay takes some time. Also, she cannot just specifically choose a key target, unlike Leon, Crow, Mortis, or Darryl.

Frank: 2 stars.

He is really big and has a ton of health, so you need to be careful not to feed people their supers. His shots can take a long while to get used to and it can be tough to hit when close-range brawlers are up in your face. Against new players, Frank may seem overpowered, but experienced players can exploit his weakness very well. Find those weaknesses and play around them.

Bea: 1 star.

I would have put Bea in 2-star difficulty. Her shots are slow and her super is also slow. She is also super squishy. However, I put her in 1 star because of her star powers. They just make Bea lower skill cap by covering for her weaknesses. I think this was a bad move by Supercell and honestly, the honey coat is causing so many balance issues. Hopefully, Supercell will completely redo these star powers and I will put her in 2-star difficulty.

Tara: 3 stars.

Tara is hard to play effectively. Her poke is mediocre and she charges her super like a slug. A lot of people say that Tara super is very easy to land, I disagree sometimes it can be hard to find a good opportunity as it has little range and it is so slow. You need good ammo management with Tara. When using her super, you need to time your shots well before the black hole blows up and scatters the enemies to a point where they are not clustered anymore. But her super is sooo good. Tara is a better brawler in an organized team with communication as she can synergize her super with other brawlers (such as Frank, Dynamike etc) and she can do solo pulls and chain her super without randoms trying to intervene.

Mortis: 3 star:

No explanation needed here. Just go watch Mortis montages there are so many things you can do with his mobility. You can play Mortis like a Juggernaut (with his first-star power) or as an assassin (second-star power)

Gene: 1 star:

The only thing hard about Gene is landing his super and positioning yourself to destroy the walls you want to destroy. Gene brings too much to the table. I would say he needs big damage nerf, he just does way too much damage for support. I don’t think it’s right that a support can 3 shot brawlers (especially with spirit slap) and be useful to his team all at once.

Max: 2 stars.

Mobility is a difficult skill to master in many games, and brawl stars is no exception. Max’s super can be so good, and if her teammates know what they’re doing, it can be such a game-changer. Max’s shots are also a bit weird and take so time to get used to. Honestly, Max needs a slight damage nerf, she should be a speedy peashooter, not be a Speedy Colt.

Mr.P: 1 star.

Mr.P (besides the fact that he’s really strong) is not a difficult brawler to play. He has a pretty big projectile and his range and bounce mechanic make him safe. For his turret just place it in safe spot. You can use the Tin can star power to do throw your super to tank for your teammates like 8 bit super.

Spike: 1 star:

Spike can be a difficult brawler to pick up, it took me a while to get used to his projectile speed and his super-speed and aiming with his main attack and super. But once you get the hang of it, the Spike is not that hard to play.

Crow: 3 stars.

Many people say that Crow is a no skill brawler, but that’s only because many people find him very annoying. Crow is a very unique brawler, he is a support/assassin hybrid. His main job is to keep people poisoned up while trying to use his mobility to dodge shots. Because he has so little health, keeping people poisoned can be pretty difficult. But it is important to keep brawlers poisoned especially if you are using his first-star power. Crow’s super is where he changes from a support to an assassin. As Crow, you need to choose carefully on what target to kill. Crow needs to keep a good eye on his enemies’ health, ammo, super, etc. Good targets to kill are Tara with super, the gem carrier, a high bounty member, a brawler with no ammo, etc. Doing assassinations can either go really well or really badly. It all depends on the situation you jumped in on. One mistakes people who play crow makes is that they waste Crow’s super. Like tara, Crow’s super is very valuable, but it charges pretty slowly, so you need to make every super count. Crow with super has a so much outplay potential, it’s just all about how you use it. There are so many ways you can use it, but don’t waste it.

Leon: 2 stars:

To learn how to aim with Leon just go to Bo’s section it’s basically the same. You should play Leon like an Assassin. Choose a target, (Tara with super, the gem carrier, a high bounty member, a brawler with no ammo) and take them out.

Sandy: 1 star.

Finally the end. Sandy is just really easy to play. Just learn his shots (left to right) and how to position his sandstorm to provide value.

source: u/MJ_Yellow

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