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Brawler Updates for Darryl – New Skins, Gadgets, and Improvements!

Darryl Brawl Stars

Update for Darryl Brawl Stars is one of the most exciting updates that I have been waiting for a while now. He is a Super Rare epic Brawler who has two double-barrel shotguns ready to deal amazing heavy burst damage at enemies who are at close range. 

Darryl’s Super enables him to get closer to enemies or escape them while damaging enemy players, which he rolls into. Pretty cool right?

What makes Darryl even more amazing is his ability to recharge overtime automatically. Now that you know how amazing Darryl is let’s take a deeper look at Darryl’s new Brawler updates!

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Do you like shotguns? If yes then Darryl Brawl Stars is for you! Double Deuce’s first attack is a quick succession burst of shells, which inflicts medium damage. As compared to Shelly’s attack, Darryl’s attack has a relatively limited range but hits like a bull. At the shorter range, Double Deuce deals more damage and takes only 0.8 seconds to execute fully. 

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Darryl Brawl Stars Super enables him to rolls a limited distance at a very high speed, where he can bounce off walls. However, compared to Rico’s Super and his attack, the distance remains the same and does not increase even after pushing, bouncing, and damaging enemies that he hits. What makes Darryl Super distinct is that it recharges automatically over 30 seconds. Now that’s dope!


The realm of Brawl Stars has bestowed the mighty Darryl Brawl Star with the Recoiling Rotator, which allows him to spin in a circle, unleashing 15 prompt single-shelled bursts. Each shell hits hard, dealing 400 damage and has a nine-tile circle radius. 

But wait, there’s more!

Each pellet, which damages enemy helps Darryl to recharge up to 25% of his Super, now that’s nuts!


Darryl Brawl Star emits a tar wave that slows from all directions. It has a radius of 2.67 tile, which is small, but it moves along with Darryl. The duration of this gadget is five seconds and can be used simultaneously with his Super. 

Darryl's Gadget In Brawl Stars! - YouTube


With the new Brawler update for Darryl, Supercell was kind enough to introduce amazing skins for Darryl! In this update, players can get their hands on five new skins!

D4R-RY1 - Darryl New Skin


Final Thoughts

The Brawler update for Darryl is packed with exciting new skins, gadgets, and improvements. If you’ve been waiting for the Darryl Brawl Star to emerge from the slumbers, now is your time to roll for him!

So, what are you waiting for? Start your game, get yourself a Darryl, and start winning matches!   


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