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The Latest Items and Brawler Drop Rate (2019 Updated)

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What is the Latest Brawler Drop Rate?

I have been getting a lot of questions from players lately, asking about the Brawler drop rate from the Brawl Boxes.

If you don’t know yet, there is a section in game where you can easily check the detailed information regarding to the drop rate.

Just tap on a Brawl Box in the Shop and then tap on the i information button to see all of the details. However, stop right there! You don’t have to open the game and check it. I already put all of the information here for you.

Brawler Drop Rate (including items):

Name Drop Rate
Power Points + Coins 94.2%
Rare Brawler 2.6928%
Super Rare Brawler 1.2096%
Epic Brawler 0.5472%
Mythic Brawler 0.2496%
Legendary Brawler 0.1008%
Star Power 1.0000%

Whenever you open a Brawl Box, you get three random draws, each with the reward probabilities mentioned above.


Luck in Brawl Stars

In order to make Brawl Box opening experience more fair, there is a luck system affecting the probability of Legendary Brawlers.

With each draw that doesn’t give you a new Brawler, your luck value is increased, and each time you get a new Brawler, your luck value goes down based on the rarity of the Brawler you got.

When luck is high enough, you have a greater chance to get a Legendary Brawler, while a low luck value means that is harder to get a new Legendary Brawler.

Early draws are predetermined to ensure a fair start for everybody.


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