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Brawl Stars UPdate

From now on, every single Brawl Stars Update will be posted in this page. Thus, don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can visit the page for the newest information whenever you want!

brawl stars update

Brawl Stars UPdate History and Release Notes

July 6th 2017 – Balance Changes

Piper: Super charges 25% slower

Piper was literally too strong in high-trophy battles. Exactly, her Super charged quickly, allowing her to escape too often.

Skin, Chip, and Gem Changes

As we all wanted to increase the value of Gem packs in Brawl Stars, they now give more bang for your buck!

Please note that this offer may last for a limited time!

Other Changes

July 3rd 2017 - Piper Released

July 3rd 2017 Brawl Stars UPdate

New Features:

  • Piper released. More details here.
  • New Skin El Rey for El Primo.
  • New Showdown Map: Feast or Famine
  • New exclusive player profile icons when players reached certain levels.

Balance Changes and Improvements

  • Brock now reloads 8% faster.
  • Heist: Defending side’s Safe HP is now blue.
  • Reduced Virtual Joystick size.
  • Players from the same Band cannot join the same match in normal matchmaking.
  • In high trophy Showdown matches, player names are now hidden.
  • New Bull Voices.
  • Some new sound effects
  • New Player Defeated UI.
  • New Brawl Box animations.

Bug Fixes

  • Several UI fixes.
  • Nita’s bear now can trigger Bo’s Mines.

June 27th 2017 - Balance Update

June 27th 2017 – Brawl Stars UPdate: Balance Changes

  • Dynamike: Super damage increased from 400 to 500.
  • Bo: HP increased from 800 to 900.
  • Jessie main attack damage reduced from 160 to 140.
  • Nita: Road time increased from 1s to 1.25s
  • Spike: HP decreased from 700 to 600.

Minor Changes

  • Coin Boost now costs 20 Gems instead of 50 Gems. Lasts only for 7 days.
  • New Maps for Smash & Grab and Bounty.
  • New event rotation.

June 22nd 2017 - Balance Update

June 22nd 2017 – Brawl Stars UPdate: Balance Changes

  • Mortis’ dash range is decreased by 25%.
  • Bo reloads 13% faster.

June 20th 2017

The First Brawl Stars Update

Balance Changes

  • Nita’s Bear HP decreased from 1200 to 1000.
  • Jessie: Removed HP decay from the turret
  • Ricochet: +1 bullet for the main attack
  • Dynamike: Main attack damage decreased from 160 to 140.
  • Poco: Attack range reduced by 15%, Super now goes over walls.


  • Heist Map: Terrain changes.
  • Showdown map Stormy Plains: Removed some bushes.


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