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Brawl Stars Tier List

Brawl Stars Tier List
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Supercell, the company behind Brawl Stars keeps bringing changes to the game with every update and thus the brawl stars tier list also keeps getting updated now and then to make room for the recent improvements.


Gem Grab

Gem Grab is the default mode of playing the game in which players compete with other players in the form of a 3v3 battle. The team carrying 10 gems till the end of the 15 second counter, turns up as the winner.


Here is the latest brawl stars tier list of the Gem Grab mode from tier S to C in descending order. So, without waiting any further, let’s delve into the details:


S Tier


The S Tier contains the best brawlers of the Gem Grab game mode which are:


Being the best tier of the game, only a limited number of brawlers make their way to the S tier. Thus, we have added 5 brawlers to this list.



The forte of MR. P is his utility segment which is depicted by the blue bar in the below image. His super is called PORTERS! ATTACK! which calls robo-porters to help MR. P.


Mr P



The image shown below shows PAM, which is one of the brawlers in the S Tier list. PAM’s super is known as Mama’s Kiss which restores the health of this character and her teammates. The vertical bars depict that PAM is the ideal character for Defense and Utility. However, this character is not the best in terms of Offense.

Pam Brawl Stars



In contrast to PAM, ROSA is a comparatively better character for Offense and Defense whereas the Utility segment of this brawler is extremely poor. The Super of ROSA is known as STRONG STUFF in which the character is provided with tough protective gear.




A Tier

The list of brawlers that are a part of the A tier goes down as follows

These above mentioned 9 brawlers are a part of the A tier list due to their character set.



NITA is a strong brawler which is evident from the green bar shown in the below image. Her Super is known as OVERBEARING calls a huge bear that fights along with this brawler.




B Tier

Brawlers that couldn’t make their way to the top two tiers are placed in the B Tier of the Gem Grab mode of gameplay. Here is the brawl stars tier list featuring such brawlers:



A perfectly balanced brawler with her super known as SCRAPPY, in which a gun turret is deployed. The character’s forte lies in the Utility section whereas the Offense and Defense segments are below par.

Jessie brawlstars



C Tier

We’ve placed only 3 brawlers in the C Tier list. Thus, all brawlers that have not been mentioned in this list or the ones before it automatically falls in the list of characters not eligible to be a part of the top four tiers of the game.


Here is the list of C tier brawlers



TICK is a great brawler for attacking opponents and the super ability of TICK is known as HEADFIRST in which TICK’s head detaches to get connected to a nearby enemy and upon exploding, causes damage to the enemy.



Final Verdict

The Gem Grab mode provides a competitive gameplay experience where players are required to choose the best possible brawlers. This brawl stars tier list can help a great deal in making the right decision the next time you play this mode of the game.




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