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Brawl Stars Tier List – Who are the Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Tier List

Brawl Stars Tier List help you choose the best brawlers for each game mode and make the most out of them! In this brawl stars guide, you will find the best brawlers in Brawl Stars.

brawl stars tier list


Colt is a common brawler with high damage output. His ability to fire multiple shots per attack with a long-range makes him a great player in brawl stars. He specializes in long-range combats and has a relatively fast reload time compared to other sharpshooters. And not only that, his super can be used to destroy enemies’ cover so that the rest of the team can finish them easily. Due to all these amazing abilities, Colt maintains his position in the brawl stars tier list.  

Colt – Basic Guide for New Players

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Although Byron has low burst-damage potential and health, his abilities provide a great deal of healing to his whole team. He shoots a long-range dart that does the job of hitting two birds with one stone; it can hit both enemies and the teammates—damaging the enemies while healing the teammates over time. No matter what game mode you have selected, Byron will always be a great brawler to have on your side!


Edgar is an Epic Brawler who hits enemies with quick punches, healing himself with each punch. He is proficient in parkour with an extremely fast reload and cooldown speed that rapidly attacks the enemies. Edgar has low health, but he unloads his attacks quickly and healing himself in the process. 

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Although 8-bit has a slow movement, he has one of the longest ranges in the game that can out-range any enemy brawler. He has a laser gun that can fire high-damage beams at the opponents with a slight spread giving him a wider range. His gadgets and star powers help him with his speed and increase the damage of his attacks, making him a pretty sharp player in each game mode and a threat for all the opponents. Hence, he is at the top of the brawl stars tier list.


When Bea attacks, the Super charges her next attack that deals 175% more damage to her enemies, makes her one of the deadliest brawl stars. Her super can slow down the enemies, which is another great advantage that helps other teammates win the game. She can shoot mechanical drones at her enemies, and her super sends an angry army of swarming bees at them. It helps her win most of the games, and she maintains the top positions in the brawl stars tier lists. 

I hope that this brawl stars guide must have helped you and next time you will choose your brawlers strategically for each game mode! 

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