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Best Star Power In the Game To Try First Right Now

Brawl Stars Star Power You Should Get First

Star Powers help Brawlers defeat their enemies with ease and enhance their abilities, making them the deadliest among their enemies. Some Star Powers will also increase Brawlers’ health and survivability so that they can stay longer in the game and defeat their enemies. 

Here are the best Brawl Stars Star Power that you should get first! 

Band-Aid for Shelly

With this Star Power, Shelly’s health bar will be filled right away when she is in danger! When her health falls below 40%, the band-aid Brawl Stars star power will recharge it to full in just 20.0 seconds. 

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Steel Hoops for Darryl

When Darryl uses his super, he needs to increase his defense to either soak up the damage as he engages in fight or negates damage as he disengages from the fight. Steel Hoops will reduce the damage Darryl takes by 40% for 3.5 seconds. 

Home Run for Bibi

With this Star Power, Bibi’s speed is increased so that she can quickly chase down her enemies. 

Da Capo! For Poco

Poco won’t have to rely on his Super to heal his teammates. With this star power, he can heal his teammates while attacking his enemies simultaneously. 

Balls of Fire for Penny

With the Star Power of Balls of Fire, Penny will transform her cannon into an area denial machine. It will provide her with long-range and damage over time splash effect that makes her a huge threat for all the enemies.


Shocky for Jessie

This Brawl Star Star Power will let Jessie‘s turret attack enemies with the Shock Orbs, that will increase the turret’s DPS. Now enemies will be in huge trouble and need to stay away from each other to avoid the orbs bouncing between them.

Creepy Harvest for Mortis

With Creepy Harvest, Mortis can reap the life essence of the enemy brawler he defeats. It restores 1400 of his health.

Plant Life for Rosa

Rosa loves being in bushes, and she uses them to ambush her enemies. Now with this star power will let her recover 200 health per second whenever she is inside a bush.

Magnum Special for Colt

Magnum special will boost Colt‘s attack range and bullet speed by 11%. Having a high bulled speed will increase his DPS and let him deal with his opponents quickly. His improved range and DPS will allow him to attack his enemies even from a far distance, that makes him the deadliest among the whole brawlers. 

Now that you know how to enhance your performance in the game, go ahead and conquer the world of Brawl Stars! 


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